Where is the insert key on terminal keyboard?

I can’t find the insert key on the terminal’s keyboard !
where is it?

That is a good question.:confused:

You mean insert like ‘einfügen’ or the INS (EINF) key?
Never seen it (and cannot remember to have seen I on a mobile device). At least and tbh I never used/missed it. (even on desktop keyboard)
For what purpose do you need it?

for editing files with vi in the terminal .

Erm, still do not get it.
Switching to edit mode in vi you do with ‘i’ or 'a" and leave it with ESC.

Are you talking about toggling between overwrite and insert mode?
Then I have no idea how this is handled in bash at all and especially on a mobile device.
You may take a look here and search for ‘overwrite-mode’.

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Thank you Peter! got it now, it worked.


Are you talking about toggling between overwrite and insert mode?


How did you achieve this then?
Not that I ever need it but here is a nice comprehensal of vi commands regarding edit/overwrite modes (and a bit more :wink: if you like).

To be honest, I don’t really know what I did at late night, 1 AM, yesterday, and I couldn’t reproduce it today. So I did what I wanted to do today on Laptop via SSH.

edit: also downloaded vi cheatsheet… :wink:

No need to use vi with its opaque shortcuts when you can just use ‘nano’ (you’ll have to install it first, though). Much easier to use!


Hmm, using ctrl-o for saving is not that obvious, is it? :wink:

But in general I mix vi (always there) and nano …

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Ha, I’ve actually never noticed that, because the localisation says ‘Opslaan’, so the shortcut Ctrl-O has always been ‘correct’ for me. Regardless, the good thing is that the shortcuts are always visible at the bottom so you don’t need to remember anything.

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