What device would you get?

Which generation of Xperia 1? Thank you!

Then maybe give it a shot and return it if it’s not for you? Worst case scenario you’ll appreciate sfos even more :smiley:

I appreciate SFOS very much and i know its strong points and limitations. Hence my reluctance to move to a different OS.

It pains me knowing that the situation is like this (both HW and SW) but there is not anything i can do.


I understand your point completely.
Nevertheless, I would recommend trying something else if you want to as you said.
Maybe you just need to get some frustration from other OSes so that you feel great going back to sfos :smiley:

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When my Xperia 10 II is out of 4G coverage, my GSM results have in the US have been pretty spotty, varying from no network coverage to somewhat understandable voice calling. Perhaps I should test the SIM in my old XA2 Ultra, with the caveat that T-Mobile promises – for real this time – to turn off 2G (GSM) in April 2024.

If you can get VoLTE working on any generation of Xperia 1, I’d buy one (used, new, whatever) in a heartbeat. My wife hates my “nerd phone” for not being able to reliably interrupt me on top of a ladder in any random location in North America. So I endure a lot of “criticism” for continuing to use my Xperia 10 II with its marginal coverage.


Can you tell more about the Vollas?

How is performance of the Volla phones compared to the Xperia 10 II and 10 III?
The Volla phones both have just 4GB of RAM, How is OOM acting? How fast do you get a GPS-Fix?
How fast are the phones booting? Are you using Multiboot? Is that working flawless?
How good is the camera (no not the selfie one, i’m not a selfie fan :wink:)
Are there some things which do not work with Sailfish? (Android support is not really important for me)

Just for Information, I’m at the moment on a Xperia 10II (coming from a Fxtech Pro1, which broke).

The phone is Ok but that’s it. Camera is quite bad in low light and unfortunately lacks of dynamic range compared to the Pro1. Overall Performance is not comparable, the Pro1 was muuuuch faster. I have fewer problems to get a GPS fix with the Sony though, but still there is plenty of space for improvement. I was hoping that t ere will be an officially supported Xperia 10 IV, but at the moment I’m not sure if there will be any new supported device and the Multiboot option with a locked bootloader is quite sexy. So I’m looking for further information.

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If you only use the phone somewhere that still has decent 2G or 3G voice service, you’re good for now. And I know there are some SFOS users that say they use some form of VOIP or proprietary internet service for voice calling.

There are rumours that the rephone is similar to volla 22 just with 6gb and working as well

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Yes, the Rephone is different on two points: 6GB RAM and a higher resolution camera. It was my daily till I discovered that videos made with the camera as faulty (far too small a resolution). So the rephone would be my choice. But for that.

I’m conservative (rarely more than 4 open apps) so I never have OOM effects.

Faster than the 10II or 10III … under ideal (ie. outside) conditions, 30-60 seconds.

Haven’t measured, but under a minute.

I do not multi but others do. I’ve been led to believe that with the VollaOS as primary it works well. @pawel.spoon might know better?

Camera on the GS5 is great. The rephone is even better. The original Volla (GS290) also had a better camera than the 10II to MY TASTE. That is, color saturation in specific part of the spectrum. The rephone camera is even better but sadly I haven’t got a fix on fixing video yet. BLE (like for smart watches) does not work on the volla, volla22 (or rephone) but does on the x23.

I may, to support Volla (though I HATE VollaOS) buy a Volla x23. Which is now @piggz daily driver. Trust the porter? @piggz, I assume video recording on the x23 works well?

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Thanx for your detailed answer. So the rephone sounds quite pleasing. I don’t care about video recording as long as the pictures are of good quality. And here for me the megapixels are not really the thing. Low light performance and dynamic range are much more important for me.

Multiboot would be great for some things. But of course with SF as primary system.

Do I trust the porter? Well I had a Pro1. Guess who was the porter. :upside_down_face:


stopped to use multiboot after some crashed that would lead to reflashing
but that is years ago.
never tested the new out of the box multiboot
now run sfos with waydroid on vollaphone


If you are located in germany, there are practically new rephones to be had for about 150 euros on ebay. I hope to be able to help fix the video issue when I’m back from vacation.


Ok, you got me, I’ll give it a try. Just ordered. :grin:

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I am also thinking about a Rephone.

As far as I’ve understood, there are two problems so far:

  • recording of video doesn’t work properly (but you are trying to fix it)
  • no BLE

Right? What does missing BLE imply? Can’t I connect BT headphones? Or is it only relevant for smart devices e.g. for smartwatches supported by amazfish?

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I’m not sure what devices other than smart watches may be effected. I don’t believe BT audio / headphones or speakers are effected, but I only use BT speakers and those work fine.


Thanks for your answer. Are you confident (without giving a guarantee, of course) that the video issue can be fixed? Otherwise I’d try to find a GS5.

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The phone twas delivered today. That was pretty quick. Unfortunately the conditions of the phone are far away from a state that one could call “Neuwertig”. The screen is in good conditions. But the back looks horrible. There are deep scratches and quirks, that are not only visible, but a tactile annoyance.
So I’m not sure if I should keep it or not. I will contact the seller and will see.

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The only non-watch device I have that needs BLE is a wireless air quality monitor, an Airthings Wave Mini. But polling the device with SFOS using their Linux demo code requires a library I can’t find anyway . . .


novendu was the dealer I bought from. I had purchased both a GS5 and the rephone from them. In those cases the description ‘neuwertig’ was apt.

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I’m not sure, to be honest. I was going to ask @vlagged and @piggz for some initial tips before I go down that rabbit hole. However, since video recording does work, just at a wrong resolution and photos seem to work correctly (have to test all cameras systematically) I believe it should be fixable. I hope so since the extra ram is really nice.