What device would you get?

I am using GitHub - tamland/python-tidal: Python API for TIDAL music streaming service - the api itself works nicely (or worked, I am not up-to-date …)

With some updated login procedure, I was unable to follow the C++ way, at least thought. And on the other side, I am not good in writing python code, although now I am more experienced than back then. So, I could get back into it … some day.


Ok, I’ll have a look at those. Python in C++. Hmmm. Could be funny!

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Many thanx for the link to the RePhone image;
unfortunately, I am not familiar with this site, so I am not able to find the image nor any guide / direction to download it (sorry for that).
…any hint to proceed, please?
thank you in advance :^)

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Should we open another thread about this?

As @JoOppen correctly admonished (especially me, I think), the topic is of course OT here. But since Tidal is one of the loopholes that keep me from abandoning waydroid/AppSupport, I’d like to pursue the topic.

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Doing a short write up here: Volla Installation guide


I would kill for a native bandcamp app

Seen mkiol made bandcamp support for jupii, so asked him if it would be possible to make a bandcamp app, but unfortunately he’s not interested (understandable eh)

But since most of my music is from bandcamp, i would love it…

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youtube-dl and yt-dlp support bandcamp links.
So you can use one of the existing solutions around media playback with these utilities on SFOS.

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Sorry to be thick, but you mean like Vodman | OpenRepos.net — Community Repository System for downloads?

Pretty sure yes, theres also streamlink (GitHub - streamlink/streamlink: Streamlink is a CLI utility which pipes video streams from various services into a video player) for video streaming services like twitch, but that now works reliably in the browser, these tools seem mostly useful when browser ages (or for downloading etc I guess)

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This is nice, but a bandcamp app would still be better, so i can download and stream my own files instead of some generic ones, and anyway, to have a gui mainly :slight_smile:

Edit: tried vodman and does not work…

Oof, this requires some explanation.

On my Linux desktop I can use the mpv media player to directly watch a video or listen to audio that is supported by yt-dlp/youtube-dl (ytdl from now on). Essentially ytdl extracts a direct link to the downloadable content (or downloads the media first) then passes it to a media player. This is possible on SFOS too, with any streaming-capable media player.

A little script could do all that in one go.

Additionally a locally (home dir) downloaded copy of ytdl needs to be updated often, which can be done with the built-in -U option and e.g. a systemd timer.
In other words, it’s no good to bundle ytdl with whatever “app” one plans to use.
If there is an app, it should simply search for ytdl in $PATH.

Lastly, some mimetyping is required so that the mentioned script shows up as an option to open links from the browser.

Script + mimetype + some settings already exists.

And I just checked, it does not include the ytdl script itself, as it should be.

This does not use ytdl at all - looks like a parallel development with mostly same functionality.

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Yeah, this is for livestreaming services only (does youtube-dl/yt-dlp/watever-its-called now support those now?) and worked quite well last time I tried, could easily pipe it to either LLs player or the standard one, can’t remember. Could also save to disk, so pretty much the same, python tool to extract video just for different kind of services
Edit: oh and btw vodman does what you’re looking for, it bundles yt-dlp and allows for easy download of a url from clipboard, some regexp might need changing if it doesn’t want to download bandcamp links, but it even auto-updates yt-dlp (might need changing to whatever is the latest name of that tool)

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Ok. I LIKE this sort of thing for working with FFMPEG to produce video. To watch video, I have Walt Disney :slight_smile:

But, of course, keeping ‘ytdl’ up-to-date, perhaps with a user systemd timer, sounds like a good idea. For my purposes I would use it to support some (bandcamp) links for direct download (using python). Thanks for the tips!

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Thanks for the tip! ‘regexp’ in? QML/JS, Python, C++ ?

Not even regexp, but c++:

just checks if it’s a valid URL, so should work with bandcamp links out of the box (then again probably not, as bandcamp links are audio only? some tweaking for ‘default’ audio options might be needed as no idea how well vodman handles audio, it has options for default ‘video’ quality)

Ok, worth looking into in any case. Thanks!

Following the failed RIAA takedown request the original youtube-dl entered a dormant period during which yt-dlp became the dominant fork. By now the original youtube-dl is under active development again, but so is yt-dlp, which " is adding new features and patches while also keeping up to date with the original project".

I switched to yt-dlp back then and have been satisfied ever since but I suppose by now the choice is largely a matter of taste.

mpv supports both versions.


This topic went THAT FAR of what was asked and I still have no clue about the answer.
For me the Volla X23 actually looks like a reasonable choice, but hell, all on the back of one single person doing this as hobby (correct me if I’m wrong, but for me it very much looks like @piggz is bearing it for free) looks questionable to me (give this man a really good paid job here damnit).
It would be me instant choice if supported officially.
Is anyone from Jolla watching this topic?
I really do not understand that there seem to be no efforts to increase the range of supported phones in any way, especially like in this case where the work is already done.

There is no answer. HW remains the biggest issue. And no solution on the horizon.

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