What APIs are missing from Harbour?

Stumbled on this topic a bit late, but I would like applications to be able to allow their data to be included in a system backup, just how the bookmarks, contacts and so are backed up.


@ahappyhuman maybe it’s not perfect solution (because it’s not build in system) but the best we have now https://openrepos.net/content/slava/my-backup
You can backup every app you want. Thank to this app you can backup all apps using build in system backup option.


While late to be included in any polls (maybe in the future) what is missing and could come handy for general use and as an assistive technology is speech to text.

Mozilla has an open source project that is supposed to be offline but i have no idea if its usable or if there are any better solutions.

Some bg info, probably outdated, regarding TTS: https://together.jolla.com/question/51564/text-to-speech-tts-service-and-api/?answer=165969#post-id-165969

Have you by any chance looked into this:

No, I haven’t. And now I realized that you were asking about opposite direction to what I was talking about :slight_smile: