VoLTE Conf call

REPRODUCIBILITY: 2 out of 2 times
HARDWARE: 10 iii


Utilizing VoLTE for phone calls, I made a conference call. Added second person and screen shows “On Hold”, yet I could hear both people. When I select from Pulley “Resume Call”, both go on hold. From pulley select “Hold Call”, then I could hear them both.

Once ending the call with both, I could not call party back. Phone reported, “Already in call with …”. I had to reboot my phone.


VoLTE calls. 3G calling never had this problem.


  1. Enable VoLTE
  2. Call party A.
  3. Pulley Menu > Add Call
  4. Call party B.
  5. Merge calls


Hold call would hold a caller. Resume call would enable me to hear/reconnect to the callers.


Hold Call displayed while I had conversation with both parties. Pulley Menu > Resume Call put both parties on hold.


Newly flashed phone. Developer mode enabled (req’d for VoLTE enablement). No patches or fancy mods.


None provided

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Bumping this one, I am unable to merge calls, and the call UI froze.

@emva Can you create a new bug report?
What you report works for @Ras72 apparently.
You can use the bugger app from chum for that

Also can you both add which provider you are using?

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Do you still have this problem? If yes, please add the requested information. Otherwise I will suggest to close this bug report, to keep the list clean.

What makes you think it has gone away? Have you tried to reproduce and failed? (And that’s why you think operator is important?)
I have experienced similar issues with being patched inm but that is reported “elsewhere”.

I unfortunately don’t have enough phones (subscriptions really) to reproduce on my own.

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@Thigg - Thank you for prompting me to follow up on this. It is still a problem, but I have more scenarios from which to draw data to report here.

In a few occasions, I have been able to have a conference call. Many times I am dropped when someone tries to conference me in.

It will help everyone if I gather data more methodically and report back.

For instance, if someone calls me from a cell phone, then put me on hold to add a call, I get dropped.

If I call someone, maybe it’s a land line I’m calling, then I can add a cell phone and that works.

Stuff like that. I’ll try initiating calls and conference calls with mobile phones and land lines, then have someone call me from a land line and add mobile, then land line and add land line, etc.

I’ll note the mobile carriers used in each of the tests. Give me a week and I’ll report back. You can feel free to remind me again in a week if I have not yet reported back. It’s something I’m keen to have operational again. My team has gotten so annoyed that now we’re resorting to WhatsApp for conference calls.

Again, thank you.


I am no expert here, but for the “sfos part of the problem” it should not make a difference whether it is a land line or a mobile that is calling. … But who knows…

Looking forward for your investigation!

I fully confirm this issue. I’ve had it during several conference calls. Basically, menu options like “Put on hold”, “Resume”, “End” do completely different things than expected. Trying to resume one person put on hold the other one. I took selecting an option to end a call to resume it. And so on. A total mess. It was a complete hit and miss to control the call.

P.S. I wouln’t say that it was only on VoLTE. I’m quite sure that it happened once or twice on 2G network, too.