Vanha Rauma

I have installed Vanha Rauma on Xperia X and I got several problems.

  1. Installed Apps like HERE are not visible (not usable), same happens with F-Droid and Apps from this llocation like ghost-commander.
  2. There is no chnace to create fingerprints (no reaction when putting finger on sensor)
  3. LAST but worst - I can not work with this version of sailfish OS
    In this cae it would be nice to download an older version of sailfish OS

Thanks for help

What about saving your data to SD-card or computer and reflash? This may not be the most expert advice, but maybe the fastest way to get back a working device.

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Install Jolla Utilities from Jolla Store, then go to ‘Settings / Utilities / Restart Fingerprint Service’


Can’t test it by now, because I#M going back to

I was going the hardway because I don’t have so many apps. So I installed and now I go back to Thanks

I thought reflash with a fresh downloaded image, to avoid what was going wrong on updating from older versions. 72 is better!

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  1. There was a bug that made e.g. Slack icon disappear after install and reboot iirc. I think you should open a separate regression bug report about that. (Then again, X runs Android 4.4 support, which doesn’t get updated anymore, so…)
  2. Known issue; most likely due to OOM situation. There’s a button for it in Sailfish Utilities. (Reboot fixes it, too.)
  3. Downgrading isn’t supported, so re-flashing is the only reliable method to achieve that.
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Please use a more informative title, and also use the bug report template if you indeed meant to report a bug.


No dial tone after Update. Xperia 10II with Drillisch and with Aldi Talk Provider in Germany.

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Known issue: No Ringback tone when calling with VoLTE - #17 by flypig

Happened to me also Xperia 10III no tone on incoming call and no sound when calling. reboot fixed. But this has been an issue in many models so maybe it is time to fix this bug. I am 70 and it freaks out my daughter when I do not answer. Luckily the light comes on so one can see eventually that someone has called.