Updating to v4.4.0.64 prompts for removal on Sony Xperia 10 II


Not sure if this has been asked here before but i’ll give it a try anyway :).

When i try to update to v4.4.0.64 (codename: Vanha Rauma) from the
“current” previous version, i receive a long list of packages to be removed
because they may cause problems according to the process.

I haven’t seen such behavior before and hence i’m wondering whether
it is safe to proceed with updating or if i’ll risk breaking my phone? :).

Let me know if you require more information and thanks in advance.


You can remove the packages by CLI as devel-su:
pkcon remove packetname

That’s more save than ignoring the message, but sometimes there are users who do so…

On the Xperia 10 ii, which in my case is a backup phone, I just ran update directly and ignored the message.

I think this is a long standing UI issue. There are cases when you have mixed repositories (third party repos) enabled where standard system packages could collide with third party versions.

So, it depends on if you have or suspect conflicts between jolla installed things and third party stuff.

I have been on SFOS since 2.something. or something was the first time I encoutered this warning while updating. I installed from the commandline sfos-upgrade. It works very well, and as far as I understand it, the update process is more safe/has more checks. But it is at your own risk; it is not the official way to upgrade.

@olf who is responsible probably knows more than all of us, with a few exceptions about managing the upgrade process. I’d trust it.

LOL, a not very innovative way of stating that you were too lazy to use the forum search: It has many such entries.

Read How to interpret "Uninstall the following ..." in the SailfishOS-updater? - #2 by olf

Not really, twice:

  1. sfos-upgrade performs an SFOS upgrade exactly how Jolla recommends to do it at the command line, RTFM and [SOLVED] Upgrade to removes Android support - #33 by olf
    But Jolla once stated that one should only upgrade SFOS at the command line when the GUI updater fails; I assume that includes community ports and Jolla’s “SFOS free/trial edition” on which the GUI updater does not exist AFAIK.
  2. No, it is not true that with sfos-upgrade the “update process” proper “is more safe/has more checks”, but it provides full logging of the update process and performs a multitude of checks before starting to upgrade in order to ensure that the upgrade process will not fail after it started, which is the worst outcome. Again, RTFM for details.

I had the same. On my xperia XA2, “ssu re” was already at I deleted the update “rm /home/defaultuser/.cache/sailfish-osupdateservice/os-info” and set “ssu re”. Then downloaded the update again and did not see any packages to delete.

This likely happened due to [Bug] /usr/libexec/sailfish-osupdateservice osupdate-check sets ssu re