Unable to use mobile data on Sony Xperia 10 III


I’m a new sailfish user, hopping onboard for the first time with my xperia 10 III. I’ve been having an issue mobile data. The phone says it has 4G coverage (and normally there is good coverage where I am). When I click “connect” in the pull down menu and click on the sim it says “Unable to connect to network service”. I used android 11 before installing sailfish for several months and there were no problems with the hardware itself. Things I’ve tried to no effect:

  • Restarting the ofono service devel-su systemctl restart ofono
  • Restarting the device
  • Resetting the APN settings (I’ve checked the default settings it has and they match the settings given on the providers website).
  • Resetting ofono settings (following trick #3 on https://jolla.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115011870727)

The relevent parts of the log say:

maj 19 20:03:57 Xperia10III ofonod[3313]: Unexpected data call status 4100
maj 19 20:03:57 Xperia10III connmand[5049]: [ofono] ERROR! GDBus.Error:org.ofono.Error.Failed: Operation failed

Has anyone got any ideas?


No ideas, but same problem; I did notice that Settings → Mobile network shows “Limited connectivity”.

Did you try to enable the beta VoLTE? It seemed to do nothing to me yesterday when I tried it, but today woke up to phone stuck on 3G and no data connection, disabling/airplane mode and reboots (though it would flash 4G for a second after reboot it would drop back to 3G or even go roaming on another operator soon after) wouldn’t help, only the trick #3 you mention helped (at least for now), keeping VoLTE disabled and hoping it was the culprit as the phone will be unusable without data

I did try enabling VoLTE, but even after disabling and trying all the tricks, I can’t get mobile data to work.

Maybe my bug report is related to this problem.


Thanks for the suggestions, unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have any effect.

I’ve tried enabling it and checked it reported it was enabled along with rebooting but the problem persists. The same error code (unexpected data call status 4100) is shown in the logs.

I hadn’t tried enabling VoLTE before now.

I have the same problem. Internet in SIM slot 1 does not work (limited connection). Try SIM slot 2, it helped on my phone.


Thank you, I changed it to sim slot 2 and it works perfectly now :slight_smile:

I can confirm the same behaviour - had no mobile data at all (4G or 3G), Telia, Finland, didn’t try enabling VoLTE. Changing SIM to slot 2 fixed mobile data.

Using SIM 2 for data means no SD Card in the phone. And a lot of people use SD Card… Not a solution for all of them! Jolla should fix SIM 1 slot for data use!


For me mobile data started to work now, while I was mucking around with WiFi settings. No idea why – I was not connected to any WiFi, data just started to work as soon as the phone showed the list of available WiFi networks.

Edit: the connection is weird – it mostly works (both IPv4 and IPv6), but every now and then it fails for a bit.

Mobile data seems to work just fine but I’m experiencing weird DNS issues (takes like 20 seconds to resolve an URL) in Python when VoLTE is enabled, something I can easily replicate just by switching VoLTE on and off.

And that only worked for 36h as it got stuck again in 3g with no mobile data with re-enabling mobile data/reset from utilities/airplane mode switching doing nothing to fix it, lets see if SIM2 fares better (thought only VoLTE was beta, but it seems the whole gsm support is)

“Unexpected data call status 4100” - I experience the same problem. I thought everything works, but i was on wifi. Once i left home i noticed i dont have mobile data. Nothing helps, even on sim 2 slot. I checked settings, compared to X10, the same. Sad, i have to switch back to X10 :confused:

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Mobile data have ceased to work on my X10 III. Or rather, they are working very, very slowly. Browser pages do not load any more, pings fail although the host name can sometimes be resolved.
This started happening after some fiddling with VoLTE, including switching SIM card to one of another provider, activating VoLTE on the second operator, switching back to the first operator (this is when I noticed the slowdown), putting back the second operator SIM (I noticed that the VoLTE activation status of this SIM was recalled), switching VoLTE off on this second SIM and putting back the first one in place.
Is there any way to fully reset the mobile data settings to factory, short of reflashing the device?

I think “Trick #3” on https://jolla.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115011870727 should reset all settings in the telephony stack.

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Thank you, the settings were reset but the issue persists. Phone has turned into a paperweight, therefore switching back to XA2 waiting for a fix or for the time and willingness to reflash.

Im out of ideas. My latest logs from ofono on sim 2 card slot, that for some were solution…

23:04:54.347 src/alien-radio-service.c: alien_radio_response_proc() slot2_alien setupDataCallResponse ok
23:04:54.347 src/binder_data.c: binder_data_call_new_1_0() [status=4100,retry=-1,cid=0,active=0,type=,ifname=,mtu=0,address=,dns=,gateways=,pcscf=]
23:04:54.347 Unexpected data call status 4100
23:04:54.347 src/gprs.c: pri_activate_callback() Activating context failed with error: Unknown error
23:04:54.347 src/binder_radio.c: binder_radio_power_off() slot2 0xf754b70
23:05:14.028 src/alien-radio-service.c: alien_radio_service_handle_request() slot2_alien [00000379] getModemActivityInfo
23:05:14.028 src/alien-radio-service.c: alien_radio_service_remote_object_submit_tx() slot2_alien android.hardware.radio@1.0::IRadioResponse getModemActivityInfoResponse
23:05:19.324 slot2 > 53 currentSignalStrength_1_2

Same problem here. @flypig, is this and @miau 's linked bug report (11570) worth adding to the community call this week, or will it be taken up by the VoLTE beta team internally?


Thanks for suggesting it @cyberlyra, and sorry to hear you’re experiencing this.

It’s too close to the meeting for it to go in this fortnight (meeting topics close three days beforehand). For future meetings, it would need to be picked up by the Community Bug Coordination team.

Having said that, there’s nothing stopping @miau’s bug report being picked up at any time (it looks well-written up) and logged internally. I’ll do my best to do this when I get the chance.