The sounds of incoming calls, SMS, notifications disappear

Yes, I’ve also had this happen on EA on an Xperia 10 III.

I don’t mind most issues with SailfishOS but this is pretty fundamental and important to always work.

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I’m currently on, waiting for the official release of 4.6. After the update I will check everything and post the script.

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Yeah, this really is the one thing that has to work. I have the impressen, that this occures a lot when using memory intensive apps. (In my case OSMAnd+ from FDroid seems to stress the system quite a lot).

Another call related issue for me, that is also not solved and quit anoying, is that calls sometimes remain in an not ‘exited/quit’ state, even if the call ended. Sailfish sometimes fail to notice that fact and only a reboot helps. I coudn’t yet find a report on the forums (but currently mobile…) for that and will open another bug report if no one can hint me to a already existing report on the forums.

Sound restart action was just added to sfos-utilities: [sailfish-utilities] Add restart audio action. JB#62180 by rainemak · Pull Request #67 · sailfishos/sailfish-utilities · GitHub

So we will never see Jolla fixing the actual issue I guess. Just as with network, fingerprint, bluetooth, and others.
What makes me really worry is that Jolla beleaves manually restarting audio after each missed call could be any solution? What are they using their phones for?


Oh, that is somehow good news, might prevent some restarts but with this bug remaining the phone is quite a risk if waiting for “important” calls or emergency situations. Therefore, best news, however, would be having the root cause found and tackled.
Is that a thing that is released by OS update or will it be sufficient to update the app frome the store?

There was an update to the app in the store in the past, so most probably the latter

On (Xperia 10 III) I just had WhatsApp and Signal losing connection for me when moving between home wifi to mobile. I only started getting messages again when I arrived at my destination and connected to another wifi. Restarting Android services while travelling did not resolve the issue.

Also not ideal.