The jolla license key game

Today I had another iteration of thinking:

  1. it sucks that jolla is not fixing XY
  2. well, they are actually not earing money with it. They can only pay their devs for the smartphone stuff only with new licenses
  3. I’d love to give them a monetary incentive to support older devices and get more money influx
  4. I think many others are thinking like that here
  5. hm there should be a subscription model
  6. forget that, we discussed that alread 50 times, also what benefit should they provide for the subscription? Priority queue at the support? A badge? For sure something thats not much work for them. Basically I mainly want them to collect donations…
  7. hm I could just buy another license this year, haven’t bought one this year yet
  8. I guess I wouldnt be the only one who’s hoarding licenses. What should I do with a leftover license?
  9. Lets start a small fun art project!

Heres the idea. You now I propose to play the same on a small canvas.
Running your purchase id through a hash function allows you to claim one pixel, and give it a new color.
We may or may not come up with a clever idea to verify that this is actually a purchase and not just some random hash.

I propose we fight over something like 16*16 pixels, and its simple: the more licenses you own, the more power you got.

What do you guys think? Anyone willing to help? This may happen or may get stuck, depending on responses :wink:


Throw the words NFT and blockchain in there and I am totally NOT with you!

We could get a picture of an NFT ape every time one makes a support ticket.


Just thinking about keys as seeds to Lindenmayer systems … I’d have to build a prototype, but theoretically, we can have a huge canvas where ever more territory is occupied by the plants that evolve from each users/license L-system.

In the simplest terms, each key could be a grammar / production rule set. This would yield a piece of forest. You compete with keys to be the most divergent / prolific gardener in the forest?

But I think this is a question for @flypig who has the mathematical competence? I’m guessing that key’s could be production rule set components. Thinking Stochastic grammars.

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This is such a wonderful idea! I certainly wouldn’t claim to have the mathematical competence, but an interactive pixel-art experiment with emergent behaviour. What’s not to like! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Heh! I picked through some old code (super collider and max/msp stuff)… then i found a couple decent opengl playgrounds for the curious:

Once I’m finished current bug squash round and my stopmotion thingy, I’ll build a prototype. I’m thinking conway’s game of life meets L-Systems.

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I’m on vacations right now. (usually vacations means that i finally got time to code, but this time my laptop stayed home :wink: i’ll experiment a bit with your ideas afterwards as well.

I am curious how we can make it ineractive enough, that it engages people to look at it again and again…


I don’t want to ruin your enthusiasm for shiny virtual stuff.
How about buying licenses and pledging them to people who want to try sailfish but are hesistant with the 50€ step. I know, “if you buy it, you value it”, but let’s maybe see it as a different approach to widen the user base. You combine a donation to the developers with a truly new customer in the sense of ‘who otherwise wouldn’t be a customer’. E.g. by creating a license pool available to people who are interested (by asking in the forum).


My impression is, that people are already asking for licenses from time to time and usually get one. Do you think it would encourage new users if this possibility would be more visible? Do you @spark want to set something like this up?

What about some kind of Feature Crowdfunding? A list about things to implement that Jolla could think about the needed time and a money goal to get that project started and done. This way users could directly support the futher improvements they want or need with that amount of money that one would be willing to throw in for that specific realization.

I don’t think that would go well. For example, there would be a list of 10 features from easy to complex. Since Jolla doesn’t have the manpower to add these features, they have to hire a new programmer for maybe 6 months. Let’s say his salary would be 30000€ for these 6 months…how should this amount if money be funded?

That idea has been discussed couple times already. The most feasible way seems to be to found a cooperative that hires a programmer for open source features they want. If you want to discuss that, please open a separate topic

And here is the link :slight_smile:

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So, I’ve been working on some grammars. They made it into: L-System Explorer I’m working on plant grammars. So, a I’m thinking of a field, plane, maybe with a lake inhabited by key generated plant life. Now, for the hashing of lic. keys to generate input for axioms or rules. Currently I’m thinking of keys generating mostly repetitions, and or stuff like color changes. … dumm, di, dumm