The Great Electric Vehicle topic: apps and experiences with electric driving

It’s rather funny to me that Google Maps navigation works without an account, but it’s rather sad to read that battery preheating doesn’t work without Google Maps… But IIRC Polestar was working with the dev of ABRP to get that integrated. I might misremember though!

At the end, the idea was that the user should not think on this kind of stuff… And google had the perfect plan… integrate as much as possible with the car, then… nobody can avoid google… (same as what happened with phones)


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My experience with Tesla model 3 (2019) is quite good. Bluetooth is okay for playing music from my X10iii. Phone calls may not work with the first call, but after that it works for the rest of the trip.

Tesla app and Vattenfall InCharge app work fine. Of course Android phones will continue to communicate with the car whenever they can, so the car will select my wife’s phone for Bluetooth when she is around, and I must set my own profile manually, for music, seat position, etc.

All in all better than expected!