[Strategies] Bringing more sailors to SFOS

Indeed it is. Its the same with shopping. I don’t particularly like Amazon, or its employment practices and how it treats it staff, or its impact on the local high street and prices. However, being locked down for the greater part of the last year, with no shops open in the UK except essential food shops, etc, most of us have had no choice but to use online retailers instead for anything other than food. And Amazon is sooo convenient for customers - in many cases delivery of the product being the next day after it was ordered. Its the type of USP I expect Jolla would die for… And, of course, there has always been ‘evil big tech’ - today it is Google or Facebook, yesterday was Microsoft, and yesteryear it was IBM. I don’t think this will ever change.

That is a good thing. Why the sad face?

Because my arm is getting tired of holding up for a vaccine. They are slow and disorganised here.

Agree partly, want to add:
Jolla should urgently create a way to change the username of an account, done by the user self! This would solve the problems a retailer has with a licenced SFOS phone.
This would enable dealers to sell full installed and licenced SFOS phones to the end user. The dealer then could setup the phones including Jolla account and full licence with a neutral username and the customer then changes the neutral username to his or her desired one after purchasing the phone and can use the phone without software flashing procedures, that a normal user seldom is able or wants to do.
As copy protection remains the link between the phone’s IMEI number and the Jolla account number. Shouldn’t this be enough copy protection???

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Here is Jolla’s answers to the questions asked (07:33:41).


Would you like my money, say $50, for some improvements to Suburban Trains? Its author has responded but he’s left the boat and wasn’t interested a lot it seems.

I need one bugfix (Moscow has bumped the intensity of those trains in some directions several times up and some buffer I couldn’t figure out seems to have become too small) and got a few optional improvement proposals, like the current time display in a (pretty terse) selection form, a button to quickly interchange the stations, and maybe the favourite routes.

Please drop me a line at mike@altlinux.org if interested; others can consider this a public offer if you’re not :slight_smile:

Привет из России!

I think this illustrates that people are prepared to pay for Sailfish apps and their upkeep. For example I use Tidings quite a lot, but the reader mode for articles is not good - all the pictures are blue and every HTML link is shown in fully expanded form so it is quite difficult to actually read an article in this mode. Would I be prepared to pay for a fix, or even a fully working app in the first place? Yes, I would be - and I’m sure others would be too. OK, so we’re not talking huge amounts of money here (although you only need 400 people to buy a good app at £5 - and with, say, £1 of this going to the store for their costs, that’s still £400 for the dev). Yes, I know there are costs in setting up and running paid app stores, and yes I know it is probably not easy, and yes, I’m sure this has been discussed many, many times before … but it would almost certainly bring more people to SFOS (which I am constantly reminded is the point of this thread!) and recognise at least some of the effort the app developers put into Sailfish apps. Start small with a restricted set of really popular app types perhaps?

OK, so my maths is rubbish … you only need 100 people, not 400 … (maybe I should have just said it was a typo :rofl:)

Maybe we should start a fundraising for stuff like this on https://www.bountysource.com/ so people can join up to collect money for improvements and bugfixes. Even if Jolla doesn’t support paid apps at the moment, this could be interesting for some devs.


Case in point:

Serious problem identified: scattered developer documentation. Desired results identified/obvious. Expertise to produce desired results present.

If we had a community liaison, we’d ask them how Jolla can help. Do they have plans?
Based on their answer, we could quickly set up a little project to collate the information. Crowdfund it if needed.

I agree with you @Steve_Everett: I would also be willing to pay for an app that is missing. I also think that, @sailr 's proposition, is a nice step to have more apps and engage more people on SFOS (for example QML developers that may not use Sailfish).

Maybe by posting the link for the bounty in the [Applications] category more people can see it. I will definitely try it next month with a 50€ bounty that others can join in, for a new app.

@David in a way we all have a community liaison with Jolla: the IRC meetings. For the documentation scattering, I made a post a very long time ago about the same issue. Perhaps a solution would be to :

  1. Create a topic about documentation
  2. In this topic we all gather the links/articles that we have on developing for Sailfish
  3. There is a need for “internet archive” it for no future loss
  4. A more tricky part would be to organize all this information (by language or topic for example)
  5. An even trickier part would be to create an extensive documentation such as the one available on Jolla’s website

This is a draft and one idea, maybe there are way better ones.

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