[Strategies] Bringing more sailors to SFOS

While I agree about Android’s gestures, I disagree on iOS. I’m not sure which gestures you mean but common things like ‘back’ or ‘apps’ or even switching between apps works very well.

But for those who really don’t get along with Android, SF offers an interesting alternative.

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Personal take: security is at best a minor thing for me with Sailfish. Definitely not a killer feature. I’d even argue iOS does a better job at that.

The killer feature for me is actually the UI. I loved the N9 (and I was an iPhone user then). I like where Jolla took it with one hand use, the elegant and chic design, the event and app view (some of which later appeared on other platforms).

This matters. I use the iPhone despite the rather dull and expensive hardware because it’s not Android. Android I find awkward, complex and outright ugly. So much so that I suffer when I use it. This is also why none of the other mobile OSes have made me interested.

Sailfish is different and stylish. I could see architects and designers using it, if it were positioned and packaged right. When it works it’s actually a better way to run Android apps than Android itself.


Ditto. I was an apple user for 30 years because of: superior hardware and software design. and now I use sailfish. Apple security is par for the course.

It’s rather high on my priority list, too, still maybe slightly below security. But I’m not dealing with absolutes here, I mean as long as it’s “secure enough” for me, then the UI will make all the difference.
Android has a rather painful UI, so even if AOSP may be technically even more open than SFOS, I never considered it being a viable alternative because of that.


I don’t know if you know about this or are still owed money but Jolla spent 3-4 of those years in near bankruptcy, staved off only by a contract with an enormous Russian corporation, Rostelcom, in the last two years.

Now a lot of that money will have gone to pay off creditors, backpay for Jolla employees etc. Furthermore, Jolla were almost 100% focused on that corporate market last I checked 2 years ago.

But there are still a lot of reasons to support this community. There’s a lot of polish to be brought to Sailfish. There are the PR problems of working with the frankly fascist Russian Govt. And there’s the potential of reaching some kind of profitable critical mass in the consumer market.

What I’ve suggested isn’t asking for much from Jolla and is something that many of their employees would be happy to do. Mine isn’t the last word by any means and I encourage the Community to decide what they want & take it to the IRC meeting.


A dime a dozen. Well, I’m back (after leaving early 2017 with the death of speaker on my Jolla phone).

Having tried all the alternatives (Ubuntu touch, plasma (not complete)) and looking at the librem, I decided to pick up some development work and give SFOS another try.

There is nothing remotely as nice to work with, even with the ‘older’ (I’m older) SDK. Sailfish is ‘dangerous’ if you don’t, like the better devs, ‘factor it out’. I haven’t done so yet with my work (which is mostly just picking up the work from others) … but I’ll get there.

I think one of the community problems here is that people ‘must have’ android. This is not the case with users of other Librem phones like the pinephone.

AlienDalvik and Anbox are both a curse and a pox.


just wanted to chime in that smurfy’s fahrplan is also split up properly. it’s rinigus and smurfy that I have in mind when planning to refactor. I don’t plan on using, for instance, ubuntu touch, but I have a device that it’s on and I will, if able, support both platforms.


I do not think so. In the Pinephone and Ubuntu forums, one of the first questions is always: is there Anbox?


That’s true and there is no acceptable (usable) Anbox :slight_smile: My only interaction with the Ubuntu and Pinephone communities is source repos. The number of developers I interact with can be counted on two hands.

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I also wanted to add that the Jolla employees have been:

  1. Polite and patient to the point of taking great pains.
  2. Intelligent and insightfull in their support (developer as well as user)

Three cheers!


Dylan didn’t write the code that is most valuable here. That’d be Rudy Timermanns (sic?) who wrote the facebook app, Sailbook, I believe.

Now, I’m more like Dylan than, Rudy in the sense that I now maintain a bunch of apps I didn’t write (for the most part, though, like a virus, I will eventually take over the host code). So, I don’t want to dis Dylan. But the ‘heavly lifters’, Os porters like Mal, you are very likely not even aware of? Or?


Ah! Right you are. Even if I don’t want to have anbox, I think it’d be good to support Rudi in this effort since it benifits a lot of people!

UPDATE: That’s weird. Wanted to donate buy they have visa/mastercard/american express ‘only’. I don’t have any of those. Rudi???

@poetaster keep in mint we dont update Anbox for Sailfish OS to make this clear, the new Anbox container where we working on it already would be using Halium stuff, so far as i know Sailfish OS dont use Halium… So i think it’s best to remove the add here as we only working on it for Ubuntu Touch. I hope this would be more clear now for everyone. About paypall stuff most funding sites remove that option becoss of the bad rules that paypal using this days and the money the take with every payment… sorry for that i can not do anything on this.


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Ah, i’d have given you a donation just to support you! I’m not interested in android at all and build my own apps if I’m missing something. … I hope you hit the funding goals!

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Ok thanks!! I see… We have already devs working on it, so on the end it would become ok…

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