[Strategies] Bringing more sailors to SFOS

ok So I just talked to my colleague and mentioned this (one more time).
The first question from him was: what is that, why I didn’t hear about it? (he forgot).
The second question was: is it working fine or there are any problems? Now I could only say - well you know…
After which he said, ok get back to me once the problems will be fixed and more people will be using it.

So after a while it came to me that two things must be done. First, people need to know about it - that’s what you’re asking here. But second is more important which is. When they’ll hear about it and want to test this, there must be no problems. No problems that need patches etc. Because this is the first impression which is very important. If they will try it and they will find out that such basic thing as sms is still not working reliable, they will never come back and what’s worse, they’ll spread the word that the system is bad.
So I’m sorry but first, fix what’s broken and stop pleasing “kids with new toy every year”. Second we can get back to spreading the word.


No no no. I didn’t install SFOS to install Android apps on it. Come on, it’s not how this supposed to be working. As you saw I have sms problems and I didn’t know these exists until other side didn’t mention this! That’s really bad and big problem!
The GPS is also a lottery. Last time I was in the mountains, after 30 mins without GPS the phone did reboot and a miracle happened. After reboot, the fix was in less than 5 seconds! And no, patch is not a solution. I mean if there’s patch and it does fix the problem, why it’s still not part of the system?

Browser is finally usable I mentioned this and every time I mention this I’m thanking Jolla for this great amount of work as this was one of the big milestones for getting SFOS a usable device.

So yes, thank you Jolla for updating the browser!

When you make something that is done with others in mind, be it enjoyment or usability, of course you’d get some joy out of people using and enjoying things you make! –

yes, so you’re trying to reach the biggest number of users. Making “binary” apps is the quite opposite cause you’re limiting yourself. For example, having an app as a webapp, you can reach every single device on earth that has a decent browser. You don’t need to fiddle with platform compilers, linkers, build systems, deploy systems etc etc. You just give the link and it works, out of the box!
While having a binary app? Well if you need efficiency then of course you’ll go into binary app but then you don’t use python or c# for this. You either pick up one of: C, C++, RUST.

Interesting fact is:
Under condition Navigation set to GPS only, Flight mode:

Time to get position fix:
Sony Xperia 10: 50 sec.-1 min.
Volla: 5 -7 sec.

My dark suspicion is that a lot of problems are associated with the Sony blob (aka ‘binaries’).

edit: I forgot to mention above, exactly the same situation is on connecting to the mobile network after switching off the flight mode.

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Yeah, a lot of the ‘issues’ mentioned here are just not a problem on the GS290/Vollaphone. The GS5 has a couple of issues but function? Everything works. Reliably. The browser even deals with web gl stuff I didn’t think it could handle. But, that’s not the point of this thread.

One thing that sort of snuck up on me, is social media behavior. Much like a certain number of SFOS releases, I kinda ‘skipped’ twitter. Now I’m using tooter quite a lot (much to the detriment of the fediverse) Obviously, I just mention SFOS stuff. And I use an SFOS tool to do so. It will help if we become more visible.

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The only way to bring more sailors to SFOS imho is quality.

Jolla should focus on one (1) of the well known bugs, fix it and immediately publish a new sub-version of SFOS, so that all users can update and immediately profit from the fix.
The waiting time for new updates with a lot of fixes that mostly all really worked fine in my experience is really boring and imho not necessary.
SFOS,,,,… every few weeks a new sub-version with more issues fixed. So the community and also ‘main stream customers’ can see any progress much better.


Back to the topic:
In my opinion it would help if typical IT magazines were to report on a new SFOS release. This would reach a relatively large number of readers, who would initially also represent a suitable target group. Thus more people would read something about SFOS and possibly also deal with it.


Jolla have the best Android compatibility in history. Why would I handicap myself by not using it?

I honestly don’t care about purity. I just want a phone that works, that isn’t ugly, that isn’t literally based on spyware and doesn’t cost roughly double what it’s worth.

Last time I was in the mountains, after 30 mins without GPS the phone did reboot and a miracle happened. After reboot, the fix was in less than 5 seconds!

That sounds like the bug I was having c .4.01. I’m pretty sure it got fixed around 4.4

I mean if there’s patch and it does fix the problem, why it’s still not part of the system?

Because it tells Google where you are. Now I’d happily advocate for its inclusion anywa: Sailfish should work out of the box. As you indicate, dysfunctional GPS can be a nightmare. I think it made me miss a train once. I nearly missed a date as well with the best looking woman I know. The stress it causes is itself is a major issue.

Ideally, it would be an option which warns you.

I don’t know why you’re having SMS problems. It’s only you as far as I know.

@ Seven.of.nine

Could this difference simply be because SF’s data is wiped on reboot? Also, both phones would have to have got the last lock at the same time. Ephemeris changes and gets more out of sync by the day.

We can get SF releases highlighted on Slashdot. It’s a small audience but it’s definitely a pro-Linux, pro-hacky audience.
But this comes down to the community and community leadership again. We need an advocacy group which might as well be the Jolla liaison group (via a Community Manager).

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because it’s Android. You want to use it - fine, there’s plenty of phones with that things. No need to make another one.

sorry but SFOS is not the right thing to use, not yet there.

to bad it’s still there with didn’t test yet with

oh, so then it’s not a fix.

well I think someone else also mention that. What’s interesting is that it seems that only the first sms for the new person fails. If i send another one - it works. Odd.

you need first to get mature system. You want to constantly make pink eyes because something is not working? It would cause then even more harm than it should.


The Volla was freshly rebootet and on the Sony last usage of GPS was weeks ago.

Before Jolla fixed a X10’s bug months or a year ago, the Sony needed 5-10 minutes to position fix.

I’m using SFOS on X10 and with the problem with GPS is there.

@lolek Update is worth it, GPS works now fine on X10 since version update something between 64, 68,… Now we have 72 and GPS works. A lot of bugs were fixed since 46.

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.64 release was in march. Now it’s .72
I was playing with GPS this year so it was .64 most probably. I didn’t test on .72 yet with GPS, I didn’t need it, but I’ll do of course. Keep in mind that I do already have .72 for quite some time.

@lolek , you wrote this:

therefore I wrote my answer. Now I see that ‘46’ was maybe a typo…

I tested again on X10 and this time it really needed 10 minutes to position fix. Receiving conditions the same as always and 20 satellites visible in the end. Volla needed 5 seconds while testing in parallel at the same time and place, 1 meter beside the Sony. Shame on Sony!

edit: and the displayed altitude is wrong!!! Shame shame shame on Sony!

well it was posted here many times that other manufacturers should be considered. But instead the explanation was - no, because Open Device Program. Yeah, we see how it works. Show me at least one SFOS device running on Sony that doesn’t have problems. And I’m talking about real problems.
Hint: go to Known Issues after each SFOS release.

I agree, @lolek , and I’m a sailor since winter/spring 2019 (XA2), and since winter 2020 on X10, so I know what’s going on.

edit: and shame on me for not testing again before writing nonsense about X10’s GPS (it would work fine although it does not) .

I don’t want to go on auction but I started with Xperia X, long time ago. Then I give up because browser was useless and there was no encryption. I bought X10 because these two things are finally there.
The browser is usable, the encryption is just checked on the check list but it’s weak let’s see what Jolla will say on the community meeting. Other things that I thought will be changed from the X days are almost in the same condition. BT still require terminal to pair with car which is a joke. And it’s been few years since I was using X. Here my profile on old forum, posts from 2018 is when I had Xperia X. And it seems there’s still no way of typing DTMF wait code.

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Inside a building GPS still takes to much time to get a fix. Even at a window it takes several minutes (with 10 III). And the bug that starting to get a GPS fix just happens when an app asks for GPS data is also worse. So GPS has much room for improvement, especially on XA2, but also on 10 III.

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Jolla will surely say, this is not a bug, it’s a feature… I think this was made for saving battery power. In earlier times, it was exactly the way as you (and I) want it. But Jolla changed it some time ago to the present dissatisfying state.

I hope and assume, there’s a way to tweak some config file to change the behavior of the upper menu positioning setting in a way that GPS immediately starts working also without a running app asking for the position data. I will start a thread to this issue.

I thought about bringing this up in a community meeting. My main problem with that is just that this always happens while at work and I can’t participate…
If it’s a faeture not a bug then it scould be left to the user to decide how the device should behave.