Storeman and side loading problems (also: Root CA X3 certificate expiration)

And I think I remember to have read something like this that it might only be updated/solved soon ™ with 4.3 …

But for our J1s we need updated ca-certificates as well and I would like to see @Jolla to support their baby at least with up-to-date certificates. No more no less.

Or we go by hand manipulation or offer this by ourselves on openrepos?

Support from Jolla is unlikely not going to happen.

Community-built packages should be no problem though, over openrepos, chum, OBS or another way.

@nephros why you expect support from Jolla for Jolla phone. They finished supporting this phone after 7 years. Which is a lot in mobile world.

Oh, it was me! :smiley:
And not ‘expecting’ them to do so (absolutely I do not expect them).
Just requesting to at least support such fundamental security critical update. Which should not be that much of work/overhead to push a newer ca-certificate package on the J1 3.4 repo, or?

Do you remember the PR1.3.1 update?

pkcon search ca-cert

ca-certificates-2018.2.26-1.4.1.jolla.noarch (installed) The Mozilla CA root certificate bundle

Actually I guess a proper community port/release fot the J1 would be the best solution.

But who will step up? :smiley:

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Thank you @peterleinchen for the correct basic assessment and almost the right implementation (you patch the source bundle, not the target one).
After some more research I created a more generic guide how to handle this properly:

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Wow, thank you!

Another really well-written, detailed and knowledged guide by @olf.

I am not that deep into that cert stuff, normally do not need it and always forced to dig into it when something happens.
So I did not dare to look for the cert to put it into the blacklist (as it was not in pem format in the bundle).

One noob question I do have: why is my approach only almost? :wink:
I used the source bundle and ran update-ca-trust.
What is “wrong” with that?

See Fix certificate issues on SailfishOS - #3 by olf