Spritradar, fuel price search app

I think, only the next providers are working:

  • DE - Tankerkönig
  • ES - GeoportalGasolineras.es
  • AT - Spritpreisrechner.at

Can confirm that spritkoenig works, when following Carmen’s hint to delete conf file.

mine was btw located slightly elsewhere:
.config/harbour …

i did delete all 3 fikes, .conf .lock and a conf with some chars in it

now it works, but the settings pages are confusing and i would suggest a higher radius rather then 1 km


Hi Mark! Thanks for picking this up.
You probably know this already: For the fuel prices in Germany the German cartel office seems to maintain some sort of API for fuel prices. The service I frequently use to check prices (tankstellenpreise.de) retreives it’s data from there.

You apparently have to fill in some forms for accreditation, though. So I don’t know if the effort to gain access to that data is feasible

I wasn’t aware of the mobilithek.info thanks! The problem is that the administrative overhead isn’t something I have time for. That offering is structured for service companies, not for individuals.

I took a quick look and it seems like the tankerkönig prices are 1:1 with those of tankstellenpreise? Have you compared in the past?

I know it’s a bit of a pain to make people get an api key, but I’m an individual and not a company, so until we have keypeer (or the like) running I’d prefer to limit my liability :slight_smile:

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Just checked and tankerkönig is getting the data from the MTS-K as the footnote states: Alle Preisdaten und Tankstelleninformationen: Markttransparenzstelle für Kraftstoffe MTS-K

I would like to know if there is any way to get data for Swedish fuel stations?
What can I do to find out? What to search for?

I was looking at Om svenska bensinstationer, blyfri bensin, diesel och etanol which has an api, but I didn’t get that far.
EDIT: there is also: Bensinpriser i Sverige | Bensinpriser.nu

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Thanks, nice links, I will try to investigate from there.

Thank you, @carmenfdezb and @poetaster. I got everything working again. As you mentioned yourselves, the transfer process between those two versions could probably be improved. :wink: However, I really love your software. Thank you so much for all your work and all your help.


Any chance of adding the prices of HVO100. Currently missing but available as a fuel in NL, SE and DE

I guess there is now: Issues · poetaster/harbour-spritradar · GitHub

EDIT: tankerkönig only offers direct queries:

type Spritsorte ‘e5’, ‘e10’, ‘diesel’ oder ‘all’

All would require a rework of the gui.

I’ve just quickly looked at the french apis. I’ve documented the new endpoint and an example request.

If any of our charming french devs have a moment, update api-prix-carburants · Issue #8 · poetaster/harbour-spritradar · GitHub I’ve started in the Plugin but just the initial new URIs

I’ll try to get to it next week if someone doesn’t beat me to it.

EDIT: sigh. Never mind. Almost done.

Tagged v0.2.3-pre has a functional Prix Carburants interface. I haven’t tested much, and could use feedback. Release v0.2.3-pre · poetaster/harbour-spritradar · GitHub

hi, Nice that somebody is taking the app and updating it… One question, will it be possible (and will it be lot of work?) to add something like openchargemaps ? (Open Charge Map - API Documentation )


Now THAT is a great idea! making a ticket. I’m a bit busy, but they have a well designed API and it would be great to cover more than just the burnables :wink: I have to admit, though I do have a bunch of solar, the family automobile is a 1993 VW T4 bus. Sorry, all :slight_smile: (EDIT, not a diesel :slight_smile:

don’t worry, electric cars are super expensive, until not too much, my car was an mx-5 nc with 17 years.

I hadnt checked but assumed that they’re using the same source.
there’s one station I could not find using Spritradar that is there on tankstellenpreise.de. Maybe a limitation of not using an API key?

If the official data had a public API itself as in ‘public money, public code’ - that would be great.

Anyway what you write absolutely makes sense!
I guess it’s redundant to say but I did not intend to demand a feature here.

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Ah, yeah. This has plagued the state funded institutional edifices for years. The German Weather service was basically forced to stop using the methods of confining API access to ‘authorized parties’ by developers taking the raw (but open!) data and transforming it themselves. Although I could (now) use the DWD’s apis, the open ones by brightsky are simply, better. And they were made by one person! The Fuel authority is still abusing the old power structures and requiring some absurd ‘B2B’ style contracts for data we clearly (see tankerkönig) can have access to without the bull. It’s like the problem of pyramids in private companies. https://bund.dev/ is (was) also one of those one person projects to push against the old structural impediments.

It was worth taking a look! I periodically look at the weather service APIs to see if I have a reason to switch. In the main, the closer to the source the less likely you are to introduce error.

/rant 2/
The irony is that, although I’m not quite finished, just getting the French API working again I saw a really nice, well documented and fully open API and asked myself, are we not in Europe? Do we not have reasons (cost being but one!) to bundle our initiatives? Maybe chose the best, simple solution? This does not serve the interests of large institutions which have to spend apportioned budgets. Sigh.

Stil, always worth a look since I’ve almost got the french provider cleaned up enough for daily use!


v0.2.3 is out with support for Prix Carburant. Finally, the French can again try to consume as much fuel as the Germans :slight_smile: (yes, I duck and run).

Out on openrepos and chum. Also built at Release v0.2.3 · poetaster/harbour-spritradar · GitHub

Please let me know if the French stations are showing correctly.

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