Sony Xperia 10IV for 299€

Sailfish availability in part also depends on when Sony opens the device for developers, but Xperia 10 IV (XQ-CC54) is already on the list.

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Good point @ExTechOp .
If we are taking a closer look at the kernel map, we can see that the Xperia 10 IV is supporting Android 12 API and above. The current (beta) release of SFOS Struven ketju increase the version of AppSupport to Android 11 API Level. Is this API level related to the supported kernel? Or maybe I’m just getting some things mixed up.

Yes, you are mixing things up. They are unrelated.


10v leaks starting to arrive:

nothing new, still the same, still big.

that’s not gonna change, my chap; sony mid-ranges have settled on this size.

it’s a very good size; easily handleable given the 21:9 screen, and a damn site smaller than my 6" XA2 Plus.

but, more important than any nitpicking over the hardware; it will in late 2024 be widely available for sale unlike previous generations at that point.

it’s good size from your point of view. But there are many peoples that want something smaller.

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Just bought an Xperia 10 IV and am hoping for a supported port. I post this to be in the loop in case you hear anything.

I am thinking about returning the 10 iv. My XA2 Ultra works really well at the moment (just reflashed), only a few problems with some AD apps and bluetooth seems a little bit hickupy… (Strava really craves GPServices and Amazon Prime does not download videos but maybe I can fix that).