Sony Xperia 10IV for 299€

Media Markt Germany sells a nice bundle …


When doch nur SFOS drauf laufen würde…Super Deal!

@Jolla an official SFOS port including Android support would be very welcome for this device!

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yes, of course, let’s forget about problems with 10 III leave it as we did with other and jump of to 10 IV and get new problems and wait… there’s 10 V around a corner…
Either Jolla should jump to new platform every second release or do something else cause right now with this number of people it’s kind of impossible to get up to date with the system and all needed fixes for new device every time.


I’m quite okay with my Xperia 10 iii. Surely, the not really working fingerprint sensor and the low memory killer are bothering me from time to time but overall, I’more than satisfied. The only issue with the Xperia 10 iii, it’s not available as new device. Therefore, it’s advisable for Jolla to have support for a device that potential SFOS users still can purchase from a store. Lifetimes of phones are too short but this is not Jolla’s fault, it’s the fault of this industry!

and what’s the problem with that? There’s plenty of used device out there.


I, and I suspect many others like me, don’t buy used electronics because I don’t trust that people have been using it with proper care and thus it might break much sooner than I would expect.

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i bought a bundle and will get it on saturday, thanks for the deal! now it is to hope for jolla.

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I stopped buying brand new phones long time ago, it’s pointless. I’m getting used for a fraction of price. But now with Android and iPhone only on the market there’s a problem. Buying used Android means - no support. iPhone is of course no go at all - totally limited c…p.
So SFOS would be good if it would get more mature and can run on old cheap devices which is great. I don’t need to worry if I drop the phone, kick it accidentally (happens). It’s cheap enough so I can buy new one.


What is the next device supported - does someone know what Jolla is working on now?


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We ecpect that 4.5 will be released this month, i would imagine with the release there will be some hint for the next device?


Definitely! I’m currently lurking at some 10 ii at ~100€, no need for newer phones and produce more e-waste, the camera software won’t be better anyway (and that’s the only selling point of newer phones isn’t it?)

If the phone starts and the basic components work there is few chances that it will break suddenly. The way the phone’s description is written often tells you a lot about its previous owner. Or you can go through specialized second-hand vendors where you have a minimal warranty.
Even if you are unlucky, I’m sure it won’t happen twice in a row :slight_smile:
I will never regret my second-hand Xperia X bought 150€ … 5.5 years ago and counting :heart_eyes:

nice, how much is used III in your area?

I see a couple at 200€ (french website “Le Bon Coin”, sold from individuals, so either you live in their area or you take the risk to have it shipped)

That is a nice offer. Let’s hope for an official SFOS build from @Jolla .

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Might be worth switching from my Xperia 10ii now and hope the 10iv will be supported in the upcoming release.

that’s quite much tbh. Here I see two in the range up tp 180EUR for 10III
The 10IV is around 212EUR
Of course plus shipping which should be around 6EUR.
There’s also one, brand new IV for 255EUR but no invoice.

Used phones.
We are using 4 used XA2 since more than 1 year.
All used, 80-100€ each.
Unknown sellers, No probs so far.

What would you consider ‘not using it with proper care’? If there aren’t any real scratches, what could possibly be wrong with it?

theoretically the phone could be one of the old submarines or it could be used in high humidity areas. So there are actually some problems of course but with the low price the “risk” is worth it. In the end, you can get next one :slight_smile:

I almost bought the IV for that price a couple weeks ago, but I ended up buying a new old model (10 III) from the last local store that sold it, and thus I paid a little more (€338) than the IV would have cost. Because at this point was too uncertain when sailfish comes for IV or if it ever comes.

It would be of primary importance to tell if IV is getting Sailfish or not. In an ideal situation, Sailfish should had come on Christmas sales when IV came on sale… even as unpolished but available.

I’m one of those who don’t buy used phones because I’ve had bad experiences with it and I want a battery in as good condition as possible so that the phone can last for many years without changing the battery. The life cycle of my previous phone just ended in the battery (xz1 compact), because you can’t find a new oem battery for it, only crappy or mystery ones. I bought from China and installed it but I got cheated, it was 60% ok from the original.

Of course it wouldn’t be a problem if the aftermarket was better in terms of spare parts for these marginal phone models…