Sony XA2 Plus v Xperia 10iii Experiences

Experiences differ a lot between devices or setups. I had very seldomly calls without sound. And navigating for very long hours with Here Wego sometimes can crash the Android support.

But apart from that, VoLTE, battery, sms, fingerprint: it all works.
If hardware does not differ it might be a software issue.

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Oops, yes, you are both right. Now why did I think it had 8Gb I wonder …

VOLTE works for me on the X10 iii, but only if I am prepared to guess what’s happening at the other end as I get no ring tone, no busy tone - in fact no tones whatsoever, just silence. So, I’ve switched it off until this can be fixed and rely instead on good, old tech, 2G calling.

Part of the problem here is that you often don’t know that you’ve had a call if the sound disappears (which, on my X10 iii, happens at least once or twice per week). You only know when you later see a missed call notification maybe hours later.

And then there’s the matter of trust.

You set an alarm and you don’t know whether it will actually sound or not - it might if there’s no problem and the sound doesn’t (randomly) disappear, but then again it might not - so you can’t really rely on it.

I think one of the reasons experience differs on some of the network issues, such as VoLTE not working correctly, problem receiving calls, phone not acknowledging receiving sms - could be that not all network providers seem to have the same setup in their network.

I have often experienced issues in Denmark, where sailors in other countries are not reporting the same issues.


6 and 8 is a significant difference on this “platform in a platform” solution we have with AppSupport. Phone continously running out of memory on X10II with its 4GB is a huge headache, and people are reporting better but nowhere near ideal outcomes on X10III.

I tested all available hacks on X10II: tuning OOM killer, increasing zram, expanding swap on internal memory, but it all fails miserably one way or another. More more more physical RAM is the only solution, and 8GB is probably the real minimum, but compatible device availability is what it is (or isn’t what it isn’t?), and Jolla’s administration troubles have delayed progress in getting to better devices by at least 1 year I’m sure… Thoughts and prayers from here on out though :pray:!

[SFOS Browser] Solving the browser memory issue etc


I’m sorry to hear that but didn’t you try other mobile providers? In Sweden Germany and Finland I didn’t have those issues related to mobile internet or calling/receiving a call on the 10 iii. The only thing I noticed when traveling in an airplane from one to the other European country is that searching and connecting to a mobile (roaming) provider would take fairly long time after turning off the flight mode in comparison to an Android /e/OS or LineageOS device. Also, lately I have issues to get my Telia SIM connected to 4G in Germany.

I have not tried an other mobile provider.

Since all my network related issues stop when moving the same sim-card to my old XA2 the issues must relate to the way SFOS is implemented in 10iii.

It could be a 64bit issue, but my gut-feeling is that it is related to VoLTE:

  1. incoming calls problem: I think that even though VoLTE is off the phone does not always switch to correctly to 2G for the incoming call and therefore fails and wrongly report “Network Error”.
  2. not acknowledging received sms leading to receiving same sms 3-4 times also could be related to the not correctly working VoLTE, as mentioned I (and many other) cannot send sms when VoLTE is on, maybe it does not work correctly on 2G, even VoLTE is set to off.

The other issues I have seen others report as well.

As mentioned previously not all providers have the same network setup, and I think SFOS in the 64bit version with VoLTE is not implemented robust enough in 10iii to ensure that it works across networks.

I hope “Newborn” Jolla will fix these issues so we can continue to enjoy the superb SFOS - I’m a SFOS user since ordering a Jolla-1 in December 2013.


My i4113 see sms as received one hour later in the future, is so weird :o:

AAS is not a platform in a platform solution. And 6 gigabytes is more than enough for SFOS. The OOM killer problem should be tackled, and it should be more than clear that just adding memory is not the way to do it.

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AAS is not a platform in a platform solution.

You were going to post your interpretation to counter-balance a hollow «no it’s not» argument… Right?

Good if we can put a name on the issue. I don’t use VoLTE (it’s not supported by my operator) and I have zero audio problems with the 10iii. Also roaming is fine.

Though I a missed a few calls recently and I am now unsure if it could be the phone did not ring rather than me missing the calls. I increased the ring volume to the maximum just to make sure.

I am sorry for being misleading here. I meant phone calls have no sound during the call. That happened over a few weeks on VoLTE with Vodafone Germany but has disappeared since.

Ring tones work sadly every workday morning. :slight_smile:

The only sound issue I experience now and then these days is sometimes undetected wired headphones which made me realize that not everybody around me likes John Zorn’s Painkiller albums, Botch or Gibfum as much as I do.

Ah, I know that. I happens with VoLTE on both sides I guess. I am more the visual type and put the handset only to my ear after I saw the other end pick up. The screen tells correctly whether it is ringing, busy or connected on the other side.

I wanted to ask you one thing, does the 10 II is much better in speed then the 10 I?
Or it’s better to wait for a good upgrade to the 10 III?
I’ve the 10 first model, and the only bad thing is that you see it’s a bit on its knees with running everything :frowning:

No, i’m just saying that you clearly have no clue what you’re talking about with that “platform in a platform”. And please, this place is not for arguments, so take it somewhere else, thank you.

Yes, starting from the Xperia 10 II the 10 series is back to Xperia X level (i. e. upper midrange) in terms of performance (and design too). Xperia 10 mk1 had a lower range CPU.

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Well, essentially XA2 and 10 have the same CPU, but weirdly I’ve seen better performances on my 10 then XA2. No Ultra or Plus :wink:
Anyway, from geekbench browser it’s seen that 10 and 10 II have similar scores, very similar actually.
The true lap forward is the 10 III with its 690 snapdragon and 5G support too.

Not quite. Xperia 10 II has a Snapdragon 665 which scores about 170.000 in Antutu, while Xperia 10 has a much slower Snapdragon 630 scoring about 80.000.

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The 10iii has a Snapdragon 690.