Sms or any keyboard entry issues

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can’t select matching words when doing text entry in sms. After clicking matching word the selection will highlight but not select. No word is selectable. The data entry just stops working forcing you to manually type the word. Also after a while the data entry starts repeating the first two or so letters. These events happened just now while making this bug report screen shots will be included for both issues as they happened.


Using jolla sailfish


  1. open a screen that requires you to do data entry
  2. start that data entry


I expect this OS to work is the expected result.
I expect the team to listen to its user base is my expected result.
After being burned by the phantom sailfish tablet mess I expect Jolla to at the every least add features to this phone that work… not just for its European customers but for non European users as well. That is my expected result.

make mms work where you can send to more than one person at a time. Figure out some way to allow blue tooth to work with the android emulator.

finally my expected result is at the very least have the text entry work. I expect your Q/A test and double test that basic stuff work.

People will lose hope. Sailfish Os is not a Hero. But it should be an OS that work. You guys can do those things. That will keep the dogs off of you.


A broken OS that cant match words in its database when doing data entry even on their own Website…what a shame.


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it’s highly annoying. text prediction just gets stuck. i just cannot believe that a feature like “input text” isn’t tested before an OS update. :frowning:

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It is noted by Jolla. @jovirkku suggest the following work-around (see Release Notes):

No fix yet - the text prediction bar can get stuck. In such a case, try dragging the whole keyboard sideways, even as far as to another keyboard (another language). This should release the prediction bar.

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