Show app chooser when opening links from Android, not just open in browser

This is a feature that actually was there a long time ago, with Aliendalvik Control, which has been implemented in the OS, but missing one important feature.
When you click on a link in a native app it shows you all the apps, not just browser, but native Twitter, YouTube, GitHub client, etc.
But when you click on one in an Android app, the only option out of native apps is the web browser. The Android app chooser doesn’t need to list all the SFOS apps, that would take a lot of work. All it needs to do is to show the native app chooser instead of opening the browser. That would make me use the native apps more often, and make using both Android and SFOS apps more seamless.
This is something Aliendalvik control did by default.

This is a pain in the behind, and makes me uninstall any app that does this.
They should register for their own domain only if they really feel they need this.

I.e. when implementing this (very reasonable) feature request, please also look at what can be done about false choices.
Including this bug report Android applications hijack^Wclaim file associations