SDK installation failed on Windows 10 64 bits

Silly me, it should have been sfdk engine exec sudo journalctl --boot (“sudo” added) – try that please.

here we are:
a bit more than nothing… :wink:

Yeah, nearly there :slight_smile: Please try that again with the build engine stopped initially, so that we can clearly see what happens while it is trying to log in early during the start up.

sfdk engine stop
sfdk engine exec sudo journalctl --boot

@martyone here it is the log of commands above:

Hm, it looks like you cannot reproduce the connection timeout error anymore - according to the log it took 12 seconds to fully start up and log in. If you happen to hit the connection timeout error with some arbitrary action in future, it will be nice to see the log (this time retrieved without stopping the build engine).

@martyone: I’ve reduced available resources to 2GB RAM and single cpu core - VM does not boot! here there is the VBox.log:

4GB + 1 cpu - no boot either: (VBox.log)

zlutor@Novara MINGW64 /f/Users/zlutor/Qt/_Sailfish (qt_5_5)
$ time ../../../../SDK/SailfishOS/bin/sfdk.exe engine stop

real    0m0.586s
user    0m0.015s
sys     0m0.031s

zlutor@Novara MINGW64 /f/Users/zlutor/Qt/_Sailfish (qt_5_5)
$ time ../../../../SDK/SailfishOS/bin/sfdk.exe engine exec sudo journalctl --boot
sfdk: [I] Starting the build engine…
Timeout connecting to the "Sailfish OS Build Engine" virtual machine.
sfdk.lib: [W] VmConnection: "Failed to establish SSH conection with virtual machine \"Sailfish OS Build Engine\": SSH connection failure.\nConnection timed out during banner exchange\r\n (Consider increasing SSH connection timeout in options.)"
Failed to start the build engine

real    1m37.319s
user    0m0.015s
sys     0m0.015s

zlutor@Novara MINGW64 /f/Users/zlutor/Qt/_Sailfish (qt_5_5)

4GB+4cpus - boots up, here it is

There is a known issue that on recent Windows the emulator VM does not start up with single CPU enabled. I don’t know what is the root cause, the current “solution” is to enable at least two CPUs. The same likely applies to build engine and I believe this is unrelated to your original issue, because the SDK installer automatically enables the build engine to use all available CPUs (and just one for the emulator).