Screen locks at intro setup (swipe left/right) contacts


New to sailfish, fresh install and the screen locks during setup intro on how to navigate sailfish at contact screen (search for contacts) swipe left/right edge to home. Odd, swipe functions work until I get to this part of the introduction.

Swiping left or right does nothing, If I reboot the whole process starts over. Any advice, thank you.

It seems it is telling you to do a swipe all the way from the outer edge (to minimize the app). Previous swipes in the tutorial could be performed on the entire interface. The Xperia 10 II is a bit extra picky on what it considers all the way from the edge.

You can always skip the entire tutorial and experiment a bit more with the OS actually running.

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Hey…that was it. I wasn’t swiping all the way from the edge. I knew it would end up being something extremely silly. Cheers! Glad to be on board with sailfish OS. Yep, apparently the Xperia 10 isn’t kidding when it states to start at the VERY edge.

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