Saved Alarms and Timers Disappearing After Reboot

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 100%
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product):
HARDWARE (XA2, X10, X10 II, …): XA2
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): Yes

DESCRIPTION: Saved Timers and alarms disappear after reboot (re start)



  1. Save a Timer or Alarm
  2. Re boot phone
  3. Saved Tmers and alarms disappear

EXPECTED RESULT: Saved Timers and Alarms are still present after re boot.

ACTUAL RESULT: Timers and Alarms missing


(Please ALWAYS attach relevant data such as logs, screenshots, etc…)

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Did you check if your device has free space? Once I had the same issues was because of no memory (and latter because of broken btrfs)

Plenty of memory. How might I check on the btrfs issue?

No need, Sailfish on XA2 doesn’t even use BTRFS.

I just tried on my X10 II on and couldn’t reproduce it.

I need more information to be able to reproduce it. Ideally, you reboot your phone and describe everything you do. The more steps, the better.

I did a fresh reinstall. I’ve had no issues since then.

I have the same issue almost each time I reboot. The thing is that I only reboot when my phone is an inconsistent state, mainly when I stumble upon the gps not working problem.
I have an XPeria 10III.

I found this thread since for the first time (ever) I have this same issue: all timers and alarms are cleared at each reboot on my Xperia 10III What did I change since last time I actually used alarms or timers? I installed the alternative fonts following these instructions elsewhere in the forum: Change Default Font - #2 by nephros . I also installed LXC Containers application from Chum and has rebooted after that a few times without looking at the alarms. To be studied.
2024-01-13 how I fixed my particular problem by resyncing user’s timed-qt5.service:

  • If after the restart of the phone, before you launch the jolla-clock application you get an empty list from the command timedclient-qt5 -L (if not available in /usr/bin, install it with devel-su pkcon install timed-qt5-tools) ;

  • If there is a file ~/.timed/ which contains the timer and alarm settings from the jolla-clock application ;

Then you are in the same same situation I was, and you can attempt the below procedure to recover :

  1. Check the file, generated from jolla-clock application settings in ~/.timed/ ;

  2. If it contains your previous settings or you are otherwise satisfied with it, skip the next step ;

  3. Otherwise, use the jolla-clock application and set the alarms and timers as you want, and quit the application and go to point 1 ;

  4. Give command systemctl --user restart timed-qt5.service ;

  5. Give command systemctl --user status timed-qt5.service and verify that the service is running ;

  6. Verify that a similar list (but in different format) than in ~/.timed/ file is given out by the command timedclient-qt5 -L ;

  7. Open the jolla-clock application and verify that all alarms that you want to be enabled are enabled ;

  8. Quit the jolla-clock application ;

  9. Restart the phone ;

  10. Open the jolla-clock application and verify that all alarms and timers and their settings are persistent - that they have survived the restart.

It never occured to me, so I can only ask questions… The list of alarms are saved in ~/.timed/ There even is a backup of this file in this directory. I guess when the timed daemon is started, this file is read and alarm restored accordingly.

If it happens to you again, may you look at this file, check that it exists, is readable and contains accurate data (its a plain text file) ?

EDIT: oops, sorry @canne I didn’t read your summary yet when writing this…

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I just stumbled upon this problem and I had a look at the files. contains all my alarms but only includes alarms from the calendar.
Would it be that the calendar overwrites the whole file?

Would it be that the calendar overwrites the whole file?

No, that’s not possible as far as I can tell. This file is handled by timed alone. There is no concurrent access. The calendar is asking to add or remove alarms via timed client library (which talk to the timed daemon via D-Bus).

Nonetheless, that’s an interesting observation. It’s not a file systyem issue, or the file that is not present at reboot, or whatever related to this file. The fact that the calendar alarms are still there (and the calendar never “reset” its alarms on reboot), means that something is removing all clock alarms, either during shutdown or during restart… That’s a lead to follow : finding what part of code can flush the clock alarms and see what can trigger it.

It happened again today and this time still had the alarms I set before the reboot. But jolla-clock’s UI remained desperately empty.
I’m not sure what I could try to help find the issue.