SailfishOS on Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Wi-Fi (gta4xlwifi)

Yes, it is being maintained, it will be upgraded once I fix the 4.5 issue with sailtrix first


Laptop just broke and here I’m thinking that tablet might do the job though I have a few questions. On community hardware adaptations thread there reads waydroid and community encryption on some devices, does this mean there is no encryption on this device? And does waydroid work at all? Do you or someone else plan to get back to this project? And if I do decide to get this, would whisperfish work on it in addition with my phone? How about using eg. libreoffice within a container, how usable would that be?

Sorry for so many questions, but if this is a doomed project I may have to try /e/ on this device, though I would prefer sf.

I think Whisperfish would work if you register it as a second device

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You can currently register Whisperfish as either the primary device (removes the previous Signal Android/iPhone registration, beware of that) or as a secondary device (which requires an existing Signal account and device). As the tablet is currently in a partially functioning stage, and eats battery for brunch, I’d not make it a daily driver…

Well, I bougt this tablet secondhand and will install \e\ when I have time. Really hope sailfish will be usable someday, but even if not your effort is appreciated. I really hope signal would enable secondary device and officialy accept whisperwish and axolotl…

I booted to recovery using --no-reboot option for heimdall, restarting manually with ‘power+vol down’ and keeping pressing ‘power+vol up’ after black screen as long as recovery screen appears.

Do I have to flash Sailfish ZIP from recovery or the other way? I’m getting errors “Footer is wrong” and “Signature verification failed”. CRC is ok.
I have installed it anyway and it works

It works better than I expected but due to 4.3 SFOS version the zstd rpm compression issue hit me badly :).
To solve issues with installing of apps an adaptation-community-common repo must be disabled first.
ssu dr adaptation-community-common
The latest repo contains zstd compressed rpms.
or the better solution to install rpm