Sailfish Share API and Sailfish WebView

Indeed, code assistance for the Sailfish.WebView package is still missing in the initial release.

It’s probably in place with 3.6?

Unfortunately not, as this relies on bits supplied on the OS side. I.e., it will be fixed for build targets matching some of the future OS releases and it will remain unfixed for build targets even with newer SDK.

Ok, is there any place other than here we should mention that? I just went and ignored the error which ‘just worked’ but might have ‘despaired’ it I didn’t have such a thick skull.

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Anyone doing a forum search should find this thread quite easily. But if you have any ideas where else that could be mentioned, please let us know.

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Random, but how long has the share API been part of the OS?
So I can hide it for older OS versions it doesn’t work on

See first post: The Sailfish OS 4.2.0 release …

API’s are sometimes part of the OS before they are official announced and allowed on harbour, like the WebView API which was inside the OS in 4.1 as dev but announced in 4.2…

Hence why I’m I’m asking.

4.2.0 introduced: Sharing system redone