Sailfish OS Version - Xperia A2 Ultra - "Remove or revert the following packages..."

On my Sony Xperia A2 Ultra, when Sailfish OS version “Vanha Rauma” - - is downloaded, I get a HUGE list of packages, regarding which I am advised:

Remove or revert the following packages, as they may cause problems during update
aliendalvik-configs etc.

The list of packages to be “removed or reverted” is so long, and affects everything about the device - I assume - that I have not installed this Sailfish OS update.

Is this Sailfish OS update going to be fixed so that it can be installed without having to remove or “revert” (whatever that means) this HUGE list of packages for my device?

Any help and guidance will be gratefully appreciated!

  • mehermuchacho

Do nothing, simply proceed. This is an unlucky translation of ‘the installer will remove…’ these packages. You don’t have to do anything.

I don’t think that is correct. Do you have a source for that?
Ideally that is what will happen, but that’s not the same thing.

However; this message is prone to false positives, especially for people that does not have all the Jolla apps installed.

@attah An earlier update time I was advised to do so by someone of the community. Also I had always such messages on update time and always ignored them because I knew no other thing to do and in the end it always worked.

I once - my guess it was on the Xperia X - had about 10 screenfuls of packages to remove or revert. I browsed the list - most of them important system packages - and restarted the update anyway. This was after a partially successful update (or partially failed for the pessimists).

The GUI updater compared the package versions to the update from versions, not the update to versions, so already installed new packages from Jolla were flagged.

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I backed everything up to my SD card, and had to run “Update” twice (first time failed) - BUT - Everything seems to have worked Fine!!

Thank you, one and all. Very much appreciated!!

  • mehermuchacho

See How to interpret "Uninstall the following ..." in the SailfishOS-updater? - #2 by olf

If you search (you always should do that first), you see that this is a very common issue: Search results for 'remove packages' - Sailfish OS Forum

If you don’t know what this is all about (most users do not, so this is the real issue: Confronting users with an uninterpretable message), you have no choice to proceed as @Seven.of.nine suggested.

Thank you, olf.

This IS - apparently - an example of poor translation, or missed-out words perhaps. Anyway, the Update seems to have gone through with no problems! : - )

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