Sailfish install on Huawei P20 Pro

Hello y’all.

I am Roberto from Italy, new in this forum.

I already have a Jolla mobile (2016) and I would like to install Sailfish OS on my Huawei P20 Pro as well. I tried to find out some information searching in this forum but I can’t. Did someone already tried to install Sailfish on the P20 Pro? Any information, guiedes and/or experience would be very helpfull for me.

Please, if a tread about this topic already exist, please forward me the link and excuse me if I doubled the it.

Thanks for your help and support.



The port to Huawei P20 Pro was dropped because of a locked bootloader.

You can find other ports here:

Or see the supported devices here:

or here:


Well… okay. Then no Jolla on my P20.

Then is ok, I will go with Jolla with another device.

Thanks you very much for your quick reply.


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Well, you still cannot reasonably find a way to unlock it. I would stay away from Huawei, more recently from Asus and Xiaomi too and I have’t heard good things about Oneplus either. That leaves us with what, Sony, Samsung and Pixel? I’m not happy

I still own the P20 Pro, but it’s paperweight

Good to know.

What about a Samsung A51? Do you know if it’s possible to install on that handy? The hardware is a bit different as it is equipped with a Samsung chipset.

It is probably unlockable, but there is no universal distribution to install, someone has to build/port/debug it…