Sailfish Devember 3.0

Mega still exists!? Thought that the FBI affair brought it down those days…

Guys, please don’t turn this into a general feature request thread!
It is about challenging yourself to contribute, or simply start out.

At least speaking for myself: a thread of requests can seem intimidating, but a thread of pledges will seem encouraging.


Heads up! Devember starts Tuesday!

For me, it won’t really start until the 18th, when my holiday starts :slight_smile:


Ever since I first borrowed my brother’s Commodore 64 in the early ‘80s, I’ve been interested in programming. I might had learnt, if the computer didn’t just restarted when the memory was full. No warning, hours of work vanished! (I was so in to what I was doing, I hadn’t saved my work on tape.) After that I didn’t look at computers for years. But after a while I rediscovered computers and programming. So, Devember for me is I’ll try to learn Python – again :slight_smile: I took my first look at Python last year at this time. I love where you can browse short tutorials on strings, for loops, operators, or what have you. And in their Try it yourself-editor, you can run code directly in your web browser. Instead of browsing Youtube when taking the commuter train to work, I browse ’Python Tutorial’ and play with the code examples. It’s great fun! I don’t have a plan for my learning, that doesn’t suit me this time, I just try to get in to it: Python. And, bit by bit (ha :), I’m learning. I can recommend Charles R. Severance ‘Python for everybody’ ( and, if you want to create GUI and start playing with tkinter, have a look at:


Cool! Welcome!
Be sure to check out the sample Sailfish OS app in Python :slight_smile:

Here is my Devember 3.0 Project: :heavy_check_mark:
Made it already to the JollaStore and OpenRepos :slight_smile:
I hope some people find it useful!

I want to mention: After the initial hurdle, it is a charm to develop for Sailfish. In this case I used pyotherside for the XML-Parser.


Has anyone here interest in Common Lisp? I’ve compiled the latest version Embeddable Common Lisp in my Xperia 10 running Sailfish 3.4. (the version available in OpenRepos is now old). Is this the appropriate place to post a binary? or should I upload it to OpenRepos?

I’m a bit too slow for pure functional programming languages, Erlang is more my level. But definitely do package it and put it up (on OpenRepos).
And with this maybe building new versions can become easy enough that there is a steady supply of new versions.

Common Lisp is actually multi-paradigm and has a very sophisticated object system as well :slight_smile: . Thanks for the hint and for the link, I’ll follow those.

My contribution to this devember is a parcel/letter tracking app. So far working for French’s LaPoste parcels, and still in very early development.
Hopefully during the holidays, it can progress further. I’ll publish the code as soon as I have a working version besides the sandboxed tracking numbers.


French SFOS user here @orangecat - happy to test your app if you need testers :slight_smile:

First version on openrepos (EDIT: I remove it, and instead will propose a pull request to Paketti app).

As it’s very early, I haven’t published the code yet (I’ll clean it properly first), and I only integrated the authorization key for the sandbox API of LaPoste (I’ll add the production key when the app is starting to take shape).

With the sandbox API, only some tracking number work (available at laposte dev page). So please test it and give me your advice or opinion, so I could improve the app.

The goal is to have a functional version by the end of the month.

wonderful, i’ll have a look, thanks @orangecat

Well, seems there is already a parcel tracking app called Paketti. Although I learned a lot from my app, I’ll instead propose a pull request to integrate LaPoste/Colissimo/Chronopost to Paketti.


agreed, makes more sense to have a single application. let’s hope that the developer of Paketti is still active and will accept your PR :slight_smile:

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I’m actually in the middle of developing a Pushover client using the ECL and EQL5 that are currently on OpenRepos! The main thing slowing me down is my total inexperience with both Qt and EQL5. Still I’m almost done with an alpha version.

ECL wouldn’t be useful to me without EQL5 though, since my main interest is apps with a UI.

Here are the repos, comments on improving my Qt en EQL5 usage welcomed:

Hi5 fellow Lithper!


My modifications got merged in Paketti :grinning:
Kudos to the app maintainer who was quite helpful and improved on the code, and a new release is published in openrepos supporting La Poste shipping tracking!


well done @orangecat, i’ll download it and test it :slight_smile:

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[If you are lazy to read it all the important stuff is written in Strong]

Hi all,

Since we are suggesting programming for Devember (and yes I’m commenting this halfway thru the month) I’d like to ask for more documentation on how to create apps.

There are very few up to date tutorials for creating native apps on SFOS and even less tutorials for creating apps that use an API (and that’s often what we need the most to port our bank, messaging, etc… Android apps to Sailfish) . The official documentation is very short on my opinion, either on SF website or QT’s one.

And in the end, casual developers end up having to follow Russian language tutorials on Youtube like this one (not the best one found but i cant find back the one i tried to follow) :

And I swear, for non-russian speakers, its hard.

So if you developed an app, could you please document it for others to inspire themselves (on your own blog, on medium, wherever) ?

Also if you have links to help program an app using QT and an API I’m keen for it !

Merry Christmas and happy new year :smiley: