Sailfish Community News, 6th June 2024 - Sauna

Yes, I could also try that. It would also help to know in which models the trick does not work, I would suggest to provide such feedback in the correspondent thread.

Rajaportin sauna!
Does it still sport the old hardcore dudes with the felt hats?


Yes, of course it does. :slight_smile:


I once went and it was so hot. Then another felt-hatted dude came in, only this one also had felt-horns on his hat. All the hardcore dudes said “ai, nyt tulee saatana” and most of them left. Why? I wondered and stayed. Not for long…


Hints for orientation for sfos have already been upstreamed: Support for QtWayland content orientation and window flags via SDL hints · Issue #1826 · libsdl-org/SDL · GitHub so if you use those and render in landscape swipe from bottom will be treated as sideswipe etc, there is no generic rotation trick in sdl2 as it depends on how you paint iirc, so different approaches are needed
Edit: Godot Engine port for SailfishOS - #11 by sashikknox
Since 4.4 this approach should work, what you need to rotate depends on implementation


Last boxclip version compares width with height and the trick should work on every device, is there any device to which it does not work feel free to leave feedback. I would be also interested to know the performance on every device since I’ve recently implemented some performance measures and the game has a nice performance tool with graphics to check.

  • Update: I’ve just submitted a new Boxclip version which features performance measure tools, feel free to share your results, it may be interesting to see how well every device performs.
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I think it’s finally time for me to make an account on these forums. I’ve been watching for years, ever since the X10IV came out and I purchased one, for SFOS to come to my device. Can’t be long now…