Reviving CepiPerez's FlowPlayer

@rob_kouw, you may want to open a bug report at GitHub to ensure that your observations are not lost.
The form there also asks you to provide the missing meta-data: device used (likely an Xperia 10 III), SFOS release used, software version used etc.
Please also denote what “the app starts up with a nice UI but without any content” exactly means: Does it work fundamentally, when you browse for a specific music file, i.e. does it play music? Note, that others had better experiences.


I’ve just installed this application this week. Thank you to everyone who has made this possible.
My experience was that there wasn’t any music listed, until I went into the settings and changed the folder to the Music folder (I think the original folder was set to /home/defaultuser), and then clicked on Update Collection.
Clicking on the latter might have been enough on its own for Flowplayer to find the music, I have found that new files moved into the Music folder don’t get picked up until you manually update the collection.
This is the case even after the stock Media app has found the new media (or I suppose more pertinently Tracker has found it), and even restarting Flowplayer makes no difference, you have to press Update Collection for any new files to be recognized.

Third release candidate (v0.3.1) is out @OpenRepos and @GitHub.

Please note, that I only glance over bug reports, feature suggestions or help requests being made here and will ignore them, if a solution is not immediately obvious. If you want your report, suggestion or request to persist and being handled properly, it must be filed at GitHub.
Background / reason: A forum thread is absolutely unsuitable to handle multiple issue reports well.


Now also @SailfishOS:Chum:Testing.


It’s working!
(I didn’t add my music folder yet, this really made a difference :smiley:)
So today I listened to music for two hours in a row. The album list with a lot of art is much more attractive to the eye. :tada:
Thanks, olf and others.

BTW @Ahtisilli, thank you for the migration guide. I created and merged a Pull Request at GitHub with a slightly reworked version in order to make it editable and edits traceable.

You (and everybody else) are welcome to enhance it there.

Well, apparently you have not tried to use the internet radio functionality yet. Additionally there are a couple of other flaws.

Everybody is welcome to document (as an issue report) or address (via a PR) these flaws at GitHub.

Up to now the “others” are primarily @dcaliste fixing a lot of bugs, plus @branja6 [1] and @eson [2] with a nice bug report each.

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What a great app this is, I really enjoy the eye-pleasing grid view of albums! Thank you for your effort, everyone.

I opened a bug report on Github and related to that, I want to ask others: are you able to sort your music tracks in albums by their track numbers? For some reason, I’m unable to sort any of them by their track number.

EDIT: The bug I reported has been fixed, thank you!


Just wanted to thank everyone involved in updating this, i have been wanting a music player with gapless playback for years, and had given up. Pleasant surprise to find this, and the gapless playback is seamless.

It is working great on my xperia 10iii with a 1tb sd card which is almost full of flac files.

The only thing missing for me is the ability to display local album art from the album folder. I have many custom vinyl rips to flac where i embedded the jpg/file and those are not found, so the majority of my collection is no image found.

If anyone had the ability to implement the existing feature request from above, this app would be perfect to me. Much thanks to all again!


Funny you should mention it, that’s on the top of my list. I’ll see if I can get to it today! Downloads from bandcamp, for instance, also generally include a ‘cover.jpg’ image which is not displayed. Let’s see…


Ok, I’ve done a proof of concept, which makes a copy of album images when found in the directory of a track being imported (if we have artist name and album name metadata). In principle, it doesn’t care ‘which’ jpg/jpeg file it takes, so it’s not production ready. Are you using ‘cover.jpg’ which seems common? Or what did you mean with embedded?


I think he is talking about embedded as in exif meta data.
Common jpg file names are cover, front, folder…
Unplayer read album art from meta data.


Thanks! I’ll take a look at it. The library used in flowplayer should support it. EDIT: nice code. I love programmers who use namespaces properly :slight_smile:


The almost 100% find rate in Unplayer on my machine is because he checks every media directory for ‘jpg’, ‘jpeg’ and ‘png’ and adds them to the media library. Which is what I was hacking in a MUCH less elegant way into flowplayer. Unplayer is a model of a well designed media player, thanks for pointing it out!


Nice! I do both actually, i always try to have a jpeg in the same directory of flacs (usually called folder.jpeg, but not always if i didn’t create it), but i also embed the jpeg into the metadata of the files with the (windows) mp3tag app. The bandcamp use-case is a good one because i regularly buy flac albums from there.

Really grateful you are looking into this, you don’t know how long i’ve wanted a lossless player that works well, and the fact everything else i do with it is near-perfect for my use case is great.

Ok, I’ll get the folder/jpeg use case cleaned up first and look at tag extraction when I find some time. What I have currently works fine, but it will copy the jpg (only cover.jpg, currently) for every file in that folder :slight_smile: I wondered if you had looked at Unplayer?

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Thanks, i had looked at unplayer but there was something that didn’t work well for me there. I can’t remember unfortunately, it was years ago. Edit: i remember now, no gapless playback.