Removing package upon 4.4 downloading


downloading 4.4 version i get this following warning

the first package does not exist!!
the second one cannot be removed as this scree shot shows
what am i doing wrong or what can be done
i am puzzled!!!


Do you have installed any from this list:

Most of the time when you are asked to remove packages you can saftley ignore it and continue whith the install.

If you have some programs from warehouse / storeman / openrepos / chum, you need to look where you are getting updates from.

For reference:

When I installed the recent 4.4 update, I ignored the warning and didn’t uninstall any package. All went well but the packages were uninstalled automatically by the update process.
If this happens to system relevant packages (I don’t know what e.g. libgbinder-radio does but it sounds important) this might explain why the OP experienced no network after upgrading.

If you have zypper installed¹, then I find the following command useful to figure out what exactly it is that I have installed:

devel-su zypper search -v <packagename>

From this, you can tell whether you’ve got the system package installed, or some other version from somewhere else. It’s possible you may need to revert to the system package, rather than removing a package completely.

¹ To install zypper: devel-su pkcon install zypper.


yes, most of the times is well said. I wanted to update to 4.4.0, ignored the warnings, and now I need to re flash my phone. Of course, some stuffs, like whatsapp messages, are not backupped to any cloud and they are lost ;(

There is always possibility to try recovery with recovery mode. I had problem with during upgrade. I linked to 6th version o library and this ‘fixed’ bootloop.

thanks for the hint
but what is recovery mode how do i activate it
i cannot see any menu entry for that in system
i am a beginner in this matter

i am puzzled by the difference of verbosity concerning removing or adding packages and dependencies
nil when doing an update of SFOS
very verbose for the same operation on my openSUSE komputer
why is that so ,

I see you have Xperia XA2. (You will find links to other phones at the top)

The Zendesk support site has useful guides, the search function at the top is a good place to start if you want to transfer data to your SD card