[Release notes] Vanha Rauma

I also had scads of issues (some other post) resulting in a re-flash - the last ever as the USB port seems to have borked for data :frowning:

Anyway, I have an X.

After I saw this post, I added a fingerprint which functioned correctly and works. Seems better actually. Hooray.
Screen response seems OK except the browser is borked for links (see other posts)
Encryption is all OK
Mem! is borked (which I use)

I reflashed via 4.3.x then sfos_upgrade for success

I have after two weeks using Vanha Rauma on Xperia 10 Dual SIM also experience that there is heavy memory usage, especially when using the Browser. The problem is that phone functions are slow when browser is open. I have Firefox Android version too and it is also very slow when using normal browsing comparing to earlier.

For the Sailfish Browser I have disabled Android Support and after reboot I have 1.3-1.6 GB free and when I start the browser and two tabs of news pages I had previously open the RAM usage can show only 52 MB free. After I shutdown the browser the free memory is around 200MB free. If I close the tabs it doesn’t improve, maybe 50-100MB free. Phone reboot doesn’t help. I don’t know if there is something cached on the system storage when I shutdown the Browser with 2-3 tabs open.

I know it’s not right from me to follow RAM usage and judge without knowing the memory system, but the phone real problem currently is it doesn’t feel responsive when I open the Browser or when I’m using Android Firefox.

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Do not follow RAM usage blindly, OS does various tricks to minimise memory overheads, eg might not free memory when an app is closed, etc.

Does anyone else have the problem that after the update the lowest level of the automatic brightness adjustment in dark rooms is significantly brighter than before? It is now blinding and I had to switch it to manual adjustment.

Please read here for more context:

As a maintainer of apps that were not originally written by me, I’ve seen a lot of naive hard coding. I spent a bit of time removing all of that since it ends up making the app a one assumed user app. tsk. tsk.

You should never make assumptions about the uesrname when developing.

Do you also have the issue that the internet connection (Wifi or mobile data) is not working while having the gsm call? I am not able to use the phone as Hotspot and calling in the same time. During the call, data connection is down. Thank you!

So which is it, using wifi or sharing the cellular connection over wifi (hotspot)?
That the gsm data connection is more or less unusable is nothing new, the technlology is just that old.
(And that is what you would be sharing…)
So nothing related to this release?

Actually is both…but I noticed it when I was using the hotspot. But even if I am not using wifi and I have 4G connection…during the call data connection is down. I am not sure about the other releases, but I noticed it only now, because I am using lately a lot of hotspot.

The calls/data thing, (from what I’ve been told), has to do with the fact that phone calls don’t use 4g, unless you are using VoLTE, which you can’t on SF, so it has to switch back and forth, which it doesn’t do very well.

Personally, I just set to ‘prefer 3g’ in settings, and everything works fine, and the data speeds are still 4g, even though 3g is showing in status bar…


One bug I found was with the Call Recorder app that I downloaded through Storeman. Was able to fix by disabling sailjail.

Another bug (at first I thought my antenna was going bad, or the simcard was getting loose) mobile data will stop working frequently. On the best days the internet and phone/text works for the whole day but drops for several minutes once or twice, on bad days I can’t get mobile data or even phone calls to work at all. If I remove the sim card and put it in my other phone I get strong 4g so I know it has something to do with my xperia 10 plus. I didn’t know that the mobile data issue was a bug until I read this thread. VERY annoying, especially when you use the sailfish device as your daily driver. Besides the mobile data issue my phone seems to be running just fine.

sounds normal to me. at least this is what I experience. When I receive or make a phone call, internet and hotspot stop working entirely, then takes a few seconds or a minute to come back to life after the call is over. incase it matters, my device is an xperia 10 plus

It is not normal, because lately I am almost all the time with the Hotspot On and when someone is calling me, I am not able to access the web during the call, to be able to provide real time feedback to the caller. Unfortunately, this bug is pushing me to another OS which doesn’t have this issue.

Thank you very much for the info. I will try also. I hope is working for me as well.

This is not a bug, nor new. It is just what happens when you drop to 2G/GSM. It has effectively useless data speeds, and possibly can’t even run in dual mode (depending on the phone).
And VoLTE (which remedies that by letting you do voice calls over 4G/LTE) is just around the corner.


Since this update, when I play an audio file in the media player while having earphones plugged in, the audio still plays in the speaker.
Thanks for fixing this bug.

Some bugs can not be fixed. Have you checked that the jack port is clean?

Yes. I can even workaround the bug by selecting the correct output in the app “Audio Output”.
It’s just that it doesn’t auto-detect the earphones (and auto-switch to them).

Can you please open a bug report with all information?