[Release notes] Struven ketju

The Finnish https://www.radioplayer.fi now works, thanks for the fix!

Youtube 1080p/60 content is also butter-smooth now! (Browser still tends to crash after ads.)

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I´m still on and wait for the approval/update for the tama port (https://github.com/sailfishos-sony-tama/main). With Videos on Twitch.tv doesn’t work anymore, on Youtube they have often Problems starting or just restart itself and on 9gag.com the videos are stuttering in terms of Framerate.

I hope the could fix that like it was before the update to, because the SailfishOS-Browser is my Daily-Driver in terms of Webbrowsing.

New pictures? Because i see existing ones.

No exidting pictures. Even background is gone.

It would be helpful if you could gather logs (see Collect Logs with Logcat | Sailfish OS Documentation) and create a bug report.

Hi, stopping Android support, navigating to the android_storage in the terminal (devel-su), deleting
and starting the Android support again helped.


I had the same issue when updating to There were only placeholders. One day later they were miraculously back again. Maybe they were new indexed by tracker or so…?

So I will just wait and see if it starts working agsin, thank you

Indeed all pictures in threema including background returned after a few hours.

In Tidings video stream was broken, after the update to … .18 it worked again. May be this helps a little.

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Thanks, it helped to throw (hopefully) unnecessary data away.
…only my own pictures are missing. Hope they will appear like the others did.

@jovirkku, you might want to rectify the broken link in the section “Important notices” with the text “the upgrade of Android AppSupport” to https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/release-notes-struven-ketju-4-5-0-18/14656#android-appsupport-is-upgraded-to-android-11-14 (from the broken https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/release-notes-struven-ketju-4-5-0-18/14656#android-appsupport-is-upgraded-to-android-11-47, note the incorrect final two digits), because it really is important that this link works.

Additionally you may rectify the incorrect plural “Important notices” to singular “Important notice”, because only a single notice follows and people might wonder if there are missing notices.

Thank you!


Thanks olf, that was a good catch. A stupid copy-paste error from my side. Fixed now.


This was the first update in a long time that i didn’t have to force reboot. :slight_smile:


190 mb update to from 16, downloaded quite quickly, update installed just as quickly. I noticed (again) my phone did a little double reboot after installation, meaning I saw the “your bootloader is unlocked” message twice…otherwise though, update was smooth and quick (that’s what she said!).


Works here. 10 III Threema Libre.

“Share via e-mail” don’t work in Browser(Menu-Share-Share_link-E-mail).

Storeman disappeared and Packges list in Chum gui disappeared after updating.

For now, you’ll have to set the chum repository to SailfishOS, in settings.

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Typo? I guess it should be