Re-organisation of Jolla company

Legally, I don’t think there’s much we can do.
For the rest, I think the best we can do is to show that the community of users and developers is large, active and united. And above all, to stay in the ship and not leave it :wink:


It’s good to have this update. I’m sure we’re all hoping for the best and rooting for a successful outcome. I wish everyone at Jolla the best.


There is something the community could do; however it works only if all of it is included:
buy more sfos licenses.


the minus last year was 900K about;
900k/50€ = 18000 licenses. Now what’s the likelihood of being able to raise such number of licenses? I dont know.


This means selling 18k licenses for years. Moreover, how many licenses should be sold for fulfill the €7M debt? 140k licenses. Considering to pay back this debt in 10 years without interest (at this time interest is not less than 5% per year and 1.05^10 = 1.63) it meas to sell 18k+14k=32k licenses per year for 10 years. Considering also the interests, then 18k+23k=41k licenses per year for 10 years. Europe has 764M habitants, it means that 0.05% of them will buy a license in the next 10 years. The 0.05% includes new born babies upto 99yo grannies.

This just to stay alive and supporting the current hardware which will be 15-20 years old in 2033. To develop further SFOS, we can assume that they need €2M per year (900k of loss plus 1.1M for further developments) which are 63k of licenses per years, sold to 0.08% of the entire Europe population in the next 10 years.

As you can see, there is something broken in this business model and Volla is not much different.

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Claiming “something broken” is preposterous.
The fact there might not be a market is a fact.
Or, the existing market (=community) being too small to support the effort.
But that’s yet another challenge to pick up - find a sustainable market for such a product :slight_smile:

Thanks because I learned a new word “preposterous” (absurd).

It is not absurd, it is math and it is a very simple math. The basic, not even a business plan.

This forum collapsed with less than 300 users, is it right? Are they less than 300?

I saw 80 hearts (+1 mine) on Jolla reorganization official answer the last time I checked, 80 x 4 = 320.

Now imagine that this forum should deal with 300k users which is 1000 times more. :rofl:

Let me help you :slight_smile:

The preposterous above that I wrote was not intended as “absurd”
as described here

but rather as the italian version, defined here:

so more like “putting the carridge before the horse”, in english (languages are hard :smiley: )

Anyways, what I get out of this is, we won’t be getting any updates any time soon :confused: Too bad.

The forum did not collapse. A member of this forum posted his opinion about the flaging mechanism and a few people responded to it. Nothing more, nothing less.


Opinions. Under different perspectives, different opnions.

To better @Jolla 's financial situation I suggest (repeatedly) to set up a subscription model. 50 for the licence and 25 per update is it worth and would bring steady income for Jolla.

Or create a premium subscription model with some additional service, like e.g. remote maintenance or remote system monitoring/debugging. This would also improve Jolla’s ability to find bugs and solve problems not only under laboratory / testing conditions but in real life situations.


Dear friend, I never was in any business school. 25 per update is half a carton of cigarettes, so what?

And I tuned / tweaked SFOS to match my needs and I’m rather happy with it. An Android phone I wouldn’t even take that if I got money for using it.


And why are you posting here and not making billions of dollars with your own OS if yu really know what people want and need?


Yours is a minority opinion. Nothing more, nothing less. Oops. Fed the troll. Why don’t the trolls go and abuse apple customers :slight_smile:


Hi mr bang
how much would one need to pay to you to make you stop writing to this forum? Just out of curiosity. It’s probably more than I (or even multiple people together) are willing to chip in, but it is still probably less than e.g. 900k€ and it would make a lot of people happy, so just wanted to check if it’s something feasible


Because others people are in charge to abuse of them… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

This sounds great!

In such a way I can buy all the interesting assets from Jolla Oy with 10% of that sum biding into their bankruptcy procedure. Then, with the rest of the money I might decide to start up a company for which the business core would be RedFish OS and for a no more of the 10% of the total effort refactoring the SailFish OS just as side business - totally opensource - because it would be unfair to keep it closed.

Do not worry about the forum. I am not going to rule over it. Just keep watching at it… :wink:

I suggest you to wait for collecting and donating money, because they might find a way of zombify the company and carry on up to 2033. In such a case there is a serious risk that you will be forced to switch to RedFish OS for real! :rofl:

This you should ask to those send me here to help you all and Jolla Oy. My educated guess on the same day I met them: they tough that I were an idiot and it is always a great deal to let people think that of me… :blush:

I trust in your generosity. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


the reply looked boring, no specific sum given as answer, tl;dr

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Both Jolla and SFOS have always got their revenue from more than just selling licenses to end users. It’s all there on and, please take a look. Yes, without Russia it looks a bit thin atm, but I believe it’s a growing market - esp. since the EU is starting to put into practice decisions about using & supporting native FOSS more.


I truly wish Jolla oy the best. Perhaps these uncertain times and the anomalous geopolitical scenario are also making the situation worse.
From the outside - because J-D is external and independent mini shop - I believe that the main medium term problem was the Russian ownership, and it seems to have been overcome with the re-organisation.

Another aspect to understand well (I haven’t found any news on this topic) is IF Jolla’s recent pivot in the automotive field is going well, or if that’s draining all the costs.

On the license topic, over the years I have noticed that by proposing a license for Sailfish OS and that’s it (with the Predictive text engine only) separate from Android Support… you could sell many more licenses, as many users DO NOT want Android apps in their Sailfish phones.
Jolla will have to define the 2 prices carefully but it’s a way to rise the numbers…


It can be a nice idea. However, imagine that the predictive text will cost €10 and the full license €50, then many people will buy the €10 instead of €50. On the other side, if the price policy would be €40 and €50, it will be a small change and probably many will still buy the full license just in case one day they might need an Android app. The license price is tailored for companies more than end-users which are an insignificant profit source, IMHO. I wrote many times, that we are just beta-testers, here.

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Im surprised you are surprised; you didnt know?
Back in Narikkatori, the sfos logo got a “beta” slapped on it. I dont mind personally; if you mind (as seems to be the case) theres always less beta options around, like android or ios :slight_smile: