[Question] Updating outdated Ofono package?

Hello everybody,

I offered my help to piggz in development of the Sailfish OS port for PinePhone.
What I find very important for it to be somewhat usable, is a stable telephony experience.
This is why I offered some help in the Ofono part of the port.
What I already learned so far is that the Ofono stack diverted quite something from it’s mainline base, due to various SFOS specific parts and bits.
Now for proper Pinephone support, we are in need of updating the Ofono stack.
I would like to take on this challenge, but prefer not to create yet another fork of the Ofono package.
I’ve seen that the current base version in use is Ofono 1.23, while the current version is already at 1.32.
Now my question is, is this done with a specific reason or is the package just not updated yet due to time constraints on the developers?
If this would be the case, I would like to offer my help in updating Ofono to the newer versions.
If it’s done on purpose (for instance compatibility reasons) then I would need to go ahead and create a separate fork of Sailfish Ofono.
Awaiting your answers.

Greetings Jasper


There is a community meeting this Thursday 9th, but questions must be asked at least 3 days before the meeting. I think you can easily add a reply on this thread so you’ll get an official answer on over next community meeting.

I have also looked that Ofono should be updated to newer base version. On Ofono 1.24 there is small LTE api change, but I don’t think that is big deal, but from Ofono 1.27 there is required depency to ELL library. That have effect for packaging. Maybe first update to 1.26 and create pull request, and after that try talk to with Jolla’s developers to figure out what to do with ELL depency.