Problem with data connection

Hello, I installed the free version on xperia 10iii, I’m trying to figure out if it can become OS for everyday use and then buy the full version. I have a problem with the data connection that doesn’t work. conversation yes, sms yes, wifi yes but data no. What can I do?

There is a tool called “sailfish utilities” by Jolla. Install it and use “restart mobile services”.

Some hints:

  1. Verify that the internet settings of your telecom provider are ok (apn settings)
  2. check both sim card slots are activated. Activate both (even if second empty) and toggle flight mode on and off

Thanks for the advice, unfortunately even after rebooting with Sailfish Utilities the data network is not working, what can I do? try to reinstall Sailfish again?

I found out that the SIM card is disabled but the calls are working. How do I turn it on?

Okay the sim is enabled, also slot 2. I tried with Sailfish Utilities, the internet settings is ok, I made all your suggestions, but unfortunately data network doesn’t work

In the mobile network page it says: windTre (telephone operator) limited connectivity

Your operator seems to have a specific problem, a possible solution is discussed here:

Thanks for the helpful information, I contacted WindTre but at the moment they have not been able to disable VolTe. But I managed to solve the problem, Disabled Volte from Settings, activate both SIMs, put in 3G and sailfish utilities, finally the network is connected. I hope to be able to make 4G LTE work as well. Anyway, I’m waiting for WindTre to remove the VolTe.

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