Patchmanager3 for SailfishOS 4

“Ahoi, pirate sailors!”

Patchmanager3 has got a new lease of life.
@nephros, @olf and myself teamed up and got Patchmanager3 to a state that not only it works on aarch64, but also works with sailjailed apps.

The first release is 3.1.0 which also improves the documentation for making patches, the display of patch conflict information, sorting of patches by category, and much more.
(Available on Openrepos and chum.)

There are also new strings to be translated on Patchmanager3 localization.

Let us know on github of any issues.


Great! Well done.
Many thanks.

(I can confess that this was a great team work and lots of efforts, time spent)


So you got those 200+ notifications:))


@vlagged can you please post a way to support you guys (also @nephros and @olf ) with some €€€? i consider patchmanager essential to sfos and id like to thank you guys in some way…


Thank you @misc11. While this is something we have not taken into account, there’s this idea:

Patchmanager3 works better if the Web Catalog works.

We’ll figure something out and update you guys here.

(Btw, the “Ahoi, pirate sailors!” is from the homepage of Web Catalog. I thought it is funny.)

I have a suggestion for a small improvement for current users of Patchmanager.
You can’t update from 3.0 to new 3.1 using GUI, neither using Storeman or Chum GUI.
I think it is because both think the version number of 3.0.65 is viewed by both of them as higher than 3.1.
Could you with next release format the version number in such a way Storeman and Chum would allow for an update from 3.0?
Right now you need to execute pkcon install storeman, which works, but would be a bit better if you could only use GUI.

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uninstalling and the installing again via Storeman worked for me. Update was not detected by storeman initially indeed. Or maybe it was somehow related to Patchmanager repo change

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Indeed installing PM3.0 and restarting Storeman did not prompt me for an update to PM3.1.
But it did allow me to install it.

I guess the reason you weren’t able to install is that you had the version from chum. The reason is that there’s a vendor that goes with the repo, and chum uses another vendor (“chum”) than openrepos (""?) and Jolla (“meego”?).

About upgrading in chum: I might be that if you had the 3.1.0-pre version it would come alphabetically greater than 3.1.0-1. This is the best guessplanation I have right now… This was a one-off version mismatch then Openrepos and chum versions should just increase.


Mind that the “repository separation mechanism” Jolla “enhanced” per Sailfish OS 3.4.0 prevents seamless updating of RPMs from different repositories (though downloading and then updating per pkcon install-local should work, i.e. without uninstalling Patchmanager).

AFAIK Jolla’s “repository separation mechanism” is undocumented, hence the wild guesses how it might work.
From my experiments I believe it does not rely on the vendor string, at least not as the primary criterion.

Hear hear

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Release is not available in the list of compatible releases in How to update the list?

You are right. As soon as I get to the computer I’ll make a pull request like this Pull requests · CODeRUS/django-test · GitHub

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And done, with CODeRUS help ofc