Patchmanager web catalog failure: any workaround?

I make a backup from all patches from this web cataloge in 01.03.2022. Maybe we can port this to a new server and collect the Versionsupdates fom March to September from the phones and all users here?
I saved on this day also the main page but not all sides :expressionless:


Bravo! Long life to hamsters!

Has someone an idea who manage the server?

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Basil for openrepos, and coderus for the web catalog.


Hasn’t coderus moved to sweden lately? Maybe he’ll fix it when he finds some time.

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But he also stopped working on SFOS months ago. And I think it makes sense for someone else to have to host it from now on. I hope when he finds time he can provide the backups.

If it helps, I could host it but I’d need some help to set it up.

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Today I noticed that the patchmanager web catolog is down. This is really sad as I really depend on it :frowning:
There is the info that @coderus stopped working with SFOS sometime ago.
If so, why we weren’t prepared for that? :confused:
Can someone contact coderus about this? Maybe he would host everything that seems to be lost?

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He is aware and working on getting it up again. And has been since before this topic has started.
But I believe he has more pressing things to do at the moment. Moving one’s life from Russia is not easy.


Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Ok, I don’t mean to rush anybody, especially people who wants to break away from russian regime. I hope that coderus will be fine and all his personal matters set to good.

I will wait patiently to hear from him again

I personally have no access to server admin panel of Basil, owner of is looking at the issue, but i dont know any ETA :frowning:
already suggested for new patchmanager maintainers to setup own server. Or impement github-based solution for patches catalog.


The Patchmanager team has so far not been able to do so due to lack of adequate hosting infrastructure, and especially lack of knowledge of the backend software, django.

If any of you watching this are willing and able to get another instance going (either as the new authoritative source, or a mirror/backup), please participate in the PRs/discussions at or

The Patchmanager team will work together to change the app in a way to accommodate new backend infrastructure as required. (Some preparations have been done, such as PR296 which makes the Web Catalog server location compile-time configurable, and my own fork which has a branch to make the web catalog run in docker).


server is working again now


Does @Basil wish for someone to take this over?

It would be nice to have a github-repo with a listing of all patches. If I had some free time left, I’d have loved to create something for that, but alas… Still, it shouldn’t be hard to do a folder-listing request to github? Or at least have an index-file which references all existing patches.
Adding patches would be as easy as creating a pull request.


It’s up to @coderus where to host the catalog, I only provide a virtual machine for all the stuff.
Domain can point to any server


Oh shit, hope he gets out safely.

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Where could I contact the current maintainers regarding hosting it?

Direct message me, @Olf and @nephros.
We would need the database from @Basil too.

There is also the chance that next month the Cooperarive will take care of it later, so no rush:)

I guess the discussion thread at Maintaining Patchmanager's web-catalog & sailversion · Discussion #59 · sailfishos-patches/patchmanager · GitHub, while a bit dated, fits the topic of taking over hosting of the catalog.