Offtopic: I'm looking for a Job in Europe

Hi everyone!

I’m Qt developer looking for a job offers with relocation :slight_smile:

Like, repost, share. I will be much much appreciated.

Have a nice day!


Maybe, you could share some more details about your skills and career.
So, if we meet potentially interested people or want to spread into our respective networks, it could be more attractive than “I got a friend who looks for a job”.
Not too personal infos, of course. Just something to tease a bit.

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ah sure, sorry, added linkedin link to initial post :slight_smile:

Without being able to provide more details, it seems you are not the only one. My company employed more than 2000 software developers in Russia (most of them in or near St. Petersburg), and several hundreds of them are currently in the process of relocation to Germany (via Turkey). From what I read, most of them including their families.


I wish you good luck, but I am sure that you will succeed. :four_leaf_clover:

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Did you apply to jolla? Careers - Jolla
Seems like a perfect fit to me. Good luck :+1:

sure, not hiring atm :slight_smile:

why not go to Qt group/company directly? Qt Jobs | Embedded Software Jobs | Tech Jobs | Qt

It’s not about why not, i’ve sent cv to many companies. I’m just asking if someone have ability to show my cv personally to get better results :slight_smile:


Hello Coderus,

I am asking around in NL. Do you allow this to be placed on Twitter or do you prefer not?

Working for Jolla, that would be good. Coderus made succesful tools for us.


Had you applied with Mercedes in Berlin?

I’m thinking of applying there. And I’ll ask around.

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Hm, i can post to twitter for sure, thanks :smiley:

Looks interesting, thank you :slight_smile:

If you’re interested in industrial automation, computer vision and robotics we got some open positions as well: Softwareentwicklung Freiburg

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Given @coderus ’ contributions to Sailfish…JOLLA! Are you awake?!? :smiley:


was already discussed. no hiring atm.

Yeah I know, though they should reconsider, obviously :slight_smile:

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Closed by request of the OP.