Numeric keyboard in android missing "." or "," to enter decimal numbers

Thanks for moving that to the next level. I think with the findings so far the bug seems very paypal app specific, or could be about a keyboard inputType that might be rare but being used by paypal and mapped to “phone” incorrectly.

I hope you will find out more and also share publicly. Let me know if you need any additional input.

Was your repro also just with the paypal app, or do you already have more insights to share?

This is interesting and looks like the exact same problem indeed. If you can still repro today and share app details that might help finding the rootcause.

Maybe someone even finds an open-source app and we can bring it down to an inputType.

With this information i would guess that we might indeed be dealing with a niche inputType that aliendalvik maps to “phone” where it should go for “number”.

Your report from 2014 was maybe not verbose enough and lacked instruction on how to reproduce and detailing the “impact”. Thanks for reporting back then, i think that might help move things forward this time around.