Next Beta Release for next software version - or Beta Program


I am pretty new to using Sailfish O/S which I love even with its faults and idiosyncrasies. But have been part of many beta programs both for Mobile and PC test future software yet to be release.

So by the time of general release all or most of the faults for standard operations that you would expect do indeed work.

I would be grateful to know what the future plans are for this software and would love to be part of the Beta Program to ensure the above and I am sure many others using this software would also like to join in to elevate this software to the next level.


There’s an option in your Jolla account settings ( to sign up for ‘early access’. However, note that this usually just means you receive the final release a week or two earlier, there’s rarely any critical bugs that warrant more fixes before being sent out to the general public.

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And with regard to the roadmap: Roadmap is something that is a very challenging to open in this setup. For short term the roadmap is usually clear, but then large part of it is closely related to our corporate customers and we can’t publicly reveal plans that are related to our customers requirements. Longer term items on the roadmap on the other hand are usually not as sensitive, but the items and deadlines are often changing, and then when there is a need to deviate from public plans we disappoint community and ourselves.