Native Alac (and other Codecs) support

I have lots of Music in Apple Lossless format (Alac) which isn’t supported by Sailfish OS from scratch. There was a trick in the old forum (, but that doesn’t work anymore - at least for me.

So first, this is a call for official support of Alac (and other missing Codecs) by default.

Second, it’s a call for help to get alac re-enabled. I had Alac running with the hints from the link above, but some weeks ago storeman offered gstreamer updates. I installed these, but finally killed my camera. Reinstalling the camera and updating necessary files from terminal brought the camera back but killed the former enabled alac support - this was (as said) once installed like described in the link above, but this procedure does not help any longer.
Any hints?


Does the installation of the codec kill the camera app, only? If yes you may try to use Advanced Camera, MiracuCam or Android apps such as Open Camera`. I’d guess the loss of Jolla’s cameral app is not a big loss if alternatives still work.

don’t have an idea to bring back ALAC support to Sailfish OS but i use the Music App “Quasar MX” from Storeman. Best Music App I ever used and plays all my ALAC files without hassle.


I got the camera back, but that killed the codec. So it’s the other way round…

ALAC has now been enabled in ffmpeg. You should be able to play these files in the next release of SFOS.


ALAC is enabled along with release.


@rainemak I was happy to read that, but on both Jolla C as well as Xperia 10 III I still get the error message that Alac isn’t supported. I updated Jolla C today, 10 III yesterday. Both have SFOS now… But as said, it doesn’t work.

Edit: Codec works, but there seems to be a bug in Media Player when trying to play an Alac file. I’ll try a little further and set up a bug report.

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