Migrating configuration and data files for sandboxed apps

I wondered if someone had a suggestion for nasty ones like WebView storage which winds up in: ~/.cache/org.some/harbour-app/.mozilla

I did a quick test with copy (and rename) or the directory but that did not work. Iterating all the files seems to be a no go.

Will this also be the case in 4.4.x ?

Anyone knows how to make SDK launch projects on the device in sandboxed mode? Because if I configure the project for Sailjail and the SDK launches it in non-sandboxed mode then the app doesn’t have access to any features protected with permissions (Contacts, call log, etc.). This makes testing and debugging very uncomfortable and annoying.


Yes, it will. Like I wrote there, “Starting with…” :slight_smile:

Unfortunately we don’t yet support launching apps in sandboxed mode directly from the SDK.

Good question - could you please post it as a separate topic? There might be some partial answer at least.

Hi Martin,

Sure, I’ll create a separate topic for it. Even a partial solution would be welcome.