Meecast doesnt show the places

Is there any way to get to work meecast in finding places in 4.2 with a 10II?

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Is there someone that can help with this?

I had the same problem, there is a fix posted from ahti30708 in a comment on the apps page at openrepos: MeeCast for SailfishOS | — Community Repository System

open terminal and type (or copy/paste):

cd /usr/share/harbour-meecast
ln -s /usr/share/harbour-meecast/buttons_icons /usr/share/buttons_icons
ln -s /usr/share/harbour-meecast/db /usr/share/db
ln -s /usr/share/harbour-meecast/html /usr/share/html
ln -s /usr/share/harbour-meecast/iconsets /usr/share/iconsets
ln -s /usr/share/harbour-meecast/images /usr/share/images
ln -s /usr/share/harbour-meecast/qml /usr/share/qml
ln -s /usr/share/harbour-meecast/sources /usr/share/sources
ln -s /usr/share/harbour-meecast/xsd /usr/share/xsd


when in developer mode I write the first line, it doesnt found it, it says.

Do you get an error right after entering “devel-su” or after entering the next line “cd /usr/share/harbour-meecast”?

If you get error after “devel-su” you might take a look at developer-tools in settings, do you have set a root-passwort there?

Getting an error after the next line would mean the directory doesn’t exist (but you have installed meecast, i assume?!) or there may be a typo…

I have just done it in my PC and it works. Not easy to do that in the phone terminal. Thanks for help

Now seems that it cant update any place at all. Have you tried that too? It doesnt get info

Now it does, after rebooting

All the forecast doesnt work, is just FORECA the only one that can be used. So then maybe better uses the Jolla app instead

Many thanks, I followed that and I’m very happy to have Meecast working properly in my Xperia 10 II :slight_smile: