Matrix and Sailfish

Hobby admin here!

Just to complete the discuss about XMPP vs. Matrix. A lot of People with small homeservers are switching from XMPP to Matrix because it is easy to maintain and helps to build a privacy decentralized messenger out of the box for family and friends. No fiddling with XEPs and stuff. And without a lot of free time a selfmade xmpp server is a hell of a mess.

And the lack of missing matrix apps are annoying. Take a look over to ubports, they have a solid running matrix app called fluffy chat. design is special an not everybodys choise, but it is useable and stable.

P.S. Dont forget the bridging feature. Irc, telegram, slack or Xmpp are already implemented in matrix. That said, a native matrix app makes more sense then working on better support for XMPP, because a fully featured matrix app is an all in one first class messenger, and all other could be abandoned.


Change that to ‘a Matrix connection manager for Telepathy’ and you get a Matrix client (backend) on all GNU/Linux platforms, that can largely work out of the box. And guess what?

(All it needs is more developers working on it.)

I tested some days ago. Of course this is not the perfect solution but does work with SFOS irc.
Yes this is an in between solution, a native matrix client is ways better…
This is an ircd which is implemented like a proxy to a homeserver. You log in with your matrix credentials to the ircd and you can communicate to the homeserver (with e2e).

And Jolla, please give your messages app some love. And with love, I don’t mean moving the chat bubbles from one side to the other, but like implementing more of the Telepathy spec and implementing the appropriate UI, like for group messaging and starting conversations with people that don’t have a phone number etc.