Mark a topic and/or user as spam

I would like to be able to add a tag “spam” for better differentiation.

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For now it’s already possible to tag post. It’s also possible to mute or block users. So I’m unsure if we really need to add spam tag.
For unprivileged user I wouldn’t give right to mark whole topic as spam. As many times in topics there can contain some great and constructive posts and some post(s) which don’t belong there as they don’t add any value but sometimes even take some value of the whole topic.

Unfortunately there were some posts like that in the last 24 hours :frowning:. But trolls are hungry individuals and they usually go elsewhere if we don’t feed them. They particularly like to feed from opposition :wink:. It’s a sweetest cream to them.


100% acknowledged.

But that often fails, because a few people feel obliged “to answer” or “to defend themselves”, so they keep on feeding the troll and consequently its trolling power grows.

P.S.: Often it helps for assessing the situation properly, to go to an user account in question and to take a look at older postings: If in hindsight they also exhibit the aggressive or “passive-aggressive” communication patterns of trolls (primarily: to provoke adverse reactions), cease to reply!


In addition, the troll posts from the past few days are not Spam. (Which is why I removed that title edit someone did one one of those posts.).

They have no commercial content, don´t link to any external sites, do not try to scam anyone, and are not sent out unsolicited to a large number of readers. Therefore not spam.


@nephros, I tend to disagree: The proper definition of “spam” is “unsolicited electronic message(s)” (both, singular and plural) and the one of “unsolicited” ranges from “not welcome”, “not wanted” (i.e., rather a reaction) to “not invited”, “not requested”’ (with the emphasis on: without preceding action).

In times, when “spam” was almost only mass email postings, often a “bulk” was added with the intention to indicate exactly that: “unsolicited bulk electronic messages”. But “bulk” is not true any longer, for example “modern” forum-spam: It relies on individual messages, which are often also (slightly) individualised (i.e., differ a little in content), sometimes even sent by real persons who get (very) little money for bypassing captchas etc. and ultimately post such messages.

But these definitions do not require any commercial background, although that is most often the motivation: advertising, malware distribution etc.

Also the classic colloquial term “junk mail” expresses that well (i.e., being of commercial character is not necessary); again, email is not the only way of distributing such “electronic junk” (and never solely was: Spam per FAX preceded email), but that is what all troll-messages are IMO: electronic rubbish

P.S.: I do agree with you and @filip.k that trying to mark the whole thread (“topic” in Discourse’s parlance) as spam by prefixing the topic title with “Spam:” is not really helpful (or even correct, because not all messages in this thread are “spammy”), and also with filip’s assessment that basically no new flags etc. are needed to handle that (BTW, supposedly Jolla will not ask the Discourse company which hosts this Discourse instance for any significant configuration changes or even new features, because that would cost extra money).


Do you want censorship like in China or Iran??? ridiculous… Freedom of opinion OK!!!


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I like Beechat network! Find it on Github. I don’t always like 5G or 4G. 3G or even 2G is enough.
/edit/ I don’nt like Wfi all the time at all. But… Going on LTE or whatever, I have to be thankfull my provider serves me DNS. Thank you so much!

Are you talking about Blue Tooth? I like your message! Tnx.

BTW: I aleays choose for Smartphone with FM. Recently not…

DU mich auch Jolla Boy :joy:

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