Mainline kernel for xperia 10 series (and other sony phones) github link

this link is for 10 series (hence long bpys): GitHub - SoMainline/linux at marijn/longbois-next i think the other sony devices should also be under marijns repos, he said all are working, except the xperia 1 series, because of display issues. sorry for slight repost, but i think it’s important and i think it’s a great achievment and could be of a great use for some. this is my last thread about this, i promise.


Could someone at Jolla answer if they have tested any of the kernels?

Or if anyone in the community had one working on his phone?

Re-post (“basically a duplicate”) of “2nd thoughts about future of sailfish os” with proper title.

@smatkovi, I do not believe that posting the same content in other words with different titles generates more awareness (esp. at Jolla) than just posting once. But as two threads exist now and this one has much more appropriate title, IMO it makes sense to leave them as is.

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The mainline kernels are not intended for anybody except developers. Do not expect them to be usable for years.

Can we get a source for this message? To what degree are they working? I know of issues around DSC for >= sm8250 but not much else.

the developer or maintainer marijn himself, was at the community meeting and told me this, maybe he was a bit exaggerating. i don’t know what at xperia 1 series is working or not, he only said he’s working on the display and this is a tough one


Can someone ELI5 why this is a mainline kernel as opposed to any other kernel forked, modified & compiled specifically for a device?

Likely not, because it is not a “mainline kernel”, the SoMainline repository comprises multiple forks of mainline, but with the explicit goal of pushing the platform adaptations upstream sooner or later.

P.S.: Plus, as already detailed, the SoMainline repository is primarily about platform support, because nowadays Qualcomm already takes care of supporting most of their SoCs, with the major exception being the integrated GPU.