Lack of VoLTE forcing me to abandon Sailfish

T-mobile USA has become very unstable for calling due to the lack of VoLTE on Sailfish. I got a text from TMO saying my incorrect settings may be hindering service. I am sure they wonder why I haven’t turned on VoLTE for a phone that is capable of it. When I make calls now it takes a very long time to connect or even start dialing. And many times it does not connect. I use my phone for working from home, so I just started using a Pinephone with Mobian for calls because even that undercooked OS can do VoLTE. But it’s not useable as a daily driver if only because of the very crappy browser choices. So it looks like I am having to flash Android back on my Xperia 10. I don’t see how the alternative OS ecosystem won’t collapse due to this road block. What do others plan to do?


For this case I plan to put a data SIM card into the SFOS phone (Xperia 10) and use it as a pocket computer & router. For talking, SMS and unavoidable apps I’ll buy a cheap android phone and use it unwillingly until this problem is solved.

Seems like UBPorts is the only one taking VoLTe seriously. They have announced they are working on it. If they get it working Ubuntu Touch here I come. Jolla clearly doesn’t care. Good luck expecting them to fix.

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From the logs of the SFOS community meeting on 9. September 2021:

  • VoLTE update (5 min – asked by marxistvegan) (sledges, 08:17:23)
  1. It has been discussed that VoLTE is in the works, just want to get an update on the development. (sledges, 08:17:26)
  2. We are progressing slowly, but there is no news to share at this point. Stay tuned. (sledges, 08:17:31)

So it is on Jollas mind (Jolla cares) and Jolla works on VoLTE but off course we all need a result eventually


I have never before read that they had any intention of implementing it. So that’s something. But it’s rather lukewarm also. I don’t know where you are, but I am in the U.S. And from past experiences I’d bet that *if they implement it, then the fix will not work in the U.S. Just like MMS has never worked well here. As a former Maemo and Meego user it pains me to leave. But I need a phone that can do basic functions like make calls and do MMS.


Well, using the search function of this forum and typing volte offers the thread “VoLTE support in SailfishOS?” as the second hit (the first one is “VoLTE support tinkering”).

For the long history of VoLTE & SIP in SailfishOS, read this message there (and this one for illustration)!


All that is interesting. But at this late stage of VoLTE use / planning by most carriers (not just in the U.S.) there should already be an official statement (not a post in a user forum) about Jolla’s plan to deal with the issue.


it can not be that they do not care, because there will be people traveling from Europe to USA, so somehow it should still be possible to use the phone in the US.


Yep, that’s my scenario. Today saw Ultra Mobile’s SIM not able to register on what I believe is T-mobile network, so need to look for an alternative now.

You have bumped a thread that has not seen a response since September. During the 10-year anniversary part and livestream on [Sailfish Community News, 4th November](October 14), we were given confirmation from Joona Petrell that we would be getting VoLTE and a new device in 2022 (Xperia 10 iii).

I will say that at this time, on Mint Mobile, I have not experienced degraded calls due to a lack of VoLTE, so you night consider a different MVNO, or be patient and wait for the next software update.

Interestingly, claims to require VoLTE :point_down:

It looks like your Sony Xperia 10 II isn’t compatible with us. No biggie, upgrade your phone to one that is 4G LTE, and VoLTE friendly before you join Mint. We’ve got options.