Issue with Whatsapp and pdf file

i was sent a pdf file through whatsapp and after clicking on it the first time;i think the file was downloaded,but i couldn’t find it.
and clicking on it a second time to preview it,generated an error message about how my device doesn’t have a application able to view pdfs.
how do i solve it?

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It’s definetely a bug as I saw the same error with Signal. An easy workaround is to install a PDF reader on Android. Mu-PDF is a good one.

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if i was able to find the file on the phone i might have been able to view it through “Documents”.
also,can’t i install something like Okular,i try to avoid filling my phone with third parties software/APKs.

Look in a subfolder of ~/android_storage/WhatsApp/Media

A long tap on the pdf enables a save-dialog in Signal. Aftet that I can open it.
But I’m missing a native pdf-reader in SFOS, too.

Documents is a native pdf reader, problem is you can’t share from android layer to native apos. Therefore you need an android pdf viewer

Thanks, now I understood the problem. I installed in F-Droid “MuPDF viewer” and it works as described.

You can also install the File Browser App from openrepos via Storeman: File Browser | — Community Repository System (The version in the Jolla App store is restricted and can’t access the WhatsApp media!), navigate to ~/android_storage/WhatsApp/Media/WhatsApp Documents and open the PDF-file there, which launches the native Document app.

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Thanks for that;
i was wondering how come i can’t see any downloads even though i was in the right directory.